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Mieko wanted that ass too?
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Nah, it's just a joke mirroring Kiyoshi and Gakuto.
It's just respect and admiration. Something OP should learn tbqh instead of being a filthy human with nothing but lecherous thought s
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Not but Kate wants that ass and got it

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What was her appeal? Why was she the most popular?
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smelly anus.
Blandness. Makes her easy to shape as the ideal waifu in the audience's headcanon.
Shy on the outside but secretly a slut.

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Panda Yui a cute!
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The cutest
post Yui hugging a pillow
All Yui is the cutest.

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Flip flappers should be evaluated more
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it was a series with potential that dropped the ball partway through and flopped in japan what else can you say
I love Cocona.

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Why does levi look so tired?
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Because he's not colossal.
Annie's certainly dead.
There will be a big fight in the next few chapters and whoever took the female titan will be revealed at a crucial moment.
Then we will get a chapter-long flash back to Annie's egg being cracked open via Eren/Armin mumbo jumbo
Then she'll be interrogated, probably by Armin
She'll reveal she inherited the titan close to 13 years ago (it will be clear Reiner inherited after her and he has at least a year to live) and will die soon anyway
This will soften the execution scene somewhat
And yeah she'll be eaten
Being the flesh sheath for Erwin's sword is exhausting.

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N-no one's home!!
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Hello, /a/.

Do you know who got a new twitter account?

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Cute Kongou!
His art's improved a lot. I wish he'd go back to doing Touhou at some point though.
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I like his style too.


Probably he will because of the new touhou.

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His name is Lupin and it's pronounced as Lu-pahn. If you pronounced it in any other way, just know that is incorrect.
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Shit show. Shit meme. Fuck you. Fuck your shit. I fucked you're waifu.
>Shit show
>Shit meme
literal fact you mean.
>Fuck you
>Fuck your shit.
now that's just rude.
>I fucked you're waifu

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Whats he thingken about?
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Wondering how much dick his ass could take
Kaworu's cock

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She knows.
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Osaka would probably post on some random board like /mu/ or /cik/.

Chiyo would definitely post on /an/ and /g/.
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Chiyo would probably read /ck/.
I could see Osaka listening to the weird end of /mu/core pretty easily.

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What does she love /a/?
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Anon wills it

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So is Kuroneko going to lose to a little sister twice now?
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Great another retarded new tripfag. Fuck off.
>oh no someone uses a feature on the Chinese cartoon board I frequent.
>uses tripcodes
>thinks his opinion means anything

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Discuss anime in this thread.
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>discuss anime
i like anime :D
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Do you remember when you first saw her, and thought that she was a fun character and was jealous of Araragi for having such a wonderful girlfriend?
Do you remember how her character was progressively ruined?

Do you remember how she became worst girl?
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>Do you remember how she became worst girl?
Episode/chapter 1. As soon as there was more than one girl, she became the worst girl.
No, hitagi is and always will be objectively best girl and best banter
But she got better when she dropped the mask with Kaiki and started bawling.

What's your go-to comfy anime, /a/?

Pic absolutely related
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Great taste anon.
YYH for me too, cried in the last episode.
I know what you mean. When I first watched the entire series all the way through, I put off watching the final episode for months because I didn't want YYH to end.

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