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For example, If I told you, "______________"

What did he say again?
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Suck my dick right here and now.
Save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to Geico.
Buy a pizza

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did she ever complete her revenge?
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What the fuck happened to Tomoko?
An edgestone was used to evolve her.
she was sent to dangaronpa universe where she was part of ultimate despair

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What's your dream manga/anime? Describe the story/idea of what you think would make a great show

Mine would be:
>Lazy teenage midsummer slice of life
>Follows the daily life of a tight-knit group of high school students through their last summer break
>/cozy/ as all hell
>movie nights that go on until 4am where the teens are just talking about life
>Arcade runs, lazy days, camping
>Deep conversations about their futures
>Friendly banter
>Romance optional

There's nothing like this that i know of, and it'll probably never happen
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A manga about an unnamed female protagonist struggling to come to terms that real life will crush her, as every environment she is in starts to crumble under the weight of real life

First her class is divided into left and right wing politics, then her favorite shows start pushing agendas she doesn't agree, and to end the last line of escapism, her old MMORPG server dies in a dumbster fire event, crushing her last line of defense.

It ends with her begging an uncarying god for mercy and asking for at least one single tatami worth of space where she can escape from the cold harsh truth.
A boy falls in love with a girl.
Unable to confess, he ends up getting separated from her after they graduate.
They never see each other again and move on with their lives.
So this is the face of escapism

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Is it bad that I cried at the final episode of this meme SOL anime?
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You're not alone op
No, stop putting yourself down like that to appeal to /a/

Glenn is the best girl.
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Celica a best. A BEST.

Sisti and Lumia a shit. A SHIT.
They should just put down Evanescence. She's a rabid dog.

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It's been 1000 years and I'm still waiting for the next, or final volume of Oregairu~

Fuck the Anti-youth boy Oregairu copy
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I'm still enjoying how thoroughly Yukinofags have been BTFO.
Don't reply to him.

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>recap after 6 episodes
What the fuck?
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>watching this crap in the first place
What the fuck?
Could be worse. You could get a recap after 4 episodes.
>last episode
>nothing happens until the last minute
>today's episode
>a recap

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Why are Renge and Natsumi still friends even though Renge did this to her?
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Your best friend is the one that fucked with you the most. Have you ever had friends OP?
Sorry you're a shit person with shit friends, anon

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This is the perfect female form.
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That's actually a pretty damn good stance, pretty desirable.
Disgusting cow.

>focus more on Aiz while dyke elf largely fucks off
>cute Aiz moments through the roof
>entertainment value rises exponentially

Really makes you think.
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Bell-kun was the star of the series. Who woulda thunk.
Alright /a/

I've been ignoring this show up until now, but when i read "dyke elf" my penis stirred.
Give me the basic gestalt, what am i in for?
It's like Danmachi S1 but shit.

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>15 days left
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Can an angel get a guy pregnant?
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What the fuck doujin is this?
I need a good laugh after the shitshow that was American Gurren Lagann ending.
idk, ask >>>/m/
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nice filename OP

Is there a better character than Parco Folgore
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Moge, moge, moge!
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his son

>went from being the weakest demon to the strongest demon in the series, bar none
>learned from the one and only Folgore and went from a pussy dreaming of being a lion to becoming a hippo
>was able to turn a punk ass bitch kid and an evil lonely edgelord into his friends

you rike a fish?
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That fish went straight to vigne's stomach
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Do I look like a fish?
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Was he chaotic evil lads,would he have sacrificed his friends & comrades if he wasn't a cripple?

Do you think Miura has lost sight of the ending
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>chaotic evil

fucking no.

>would he have sacrificed his friends & comrades if he wasn't a cripple?

also no.

this is like the worst story to apply d&d alignments to.
hard to say, his justification makes much more sense after the sacrifice but before it is just petty wishfulness, he had no way of knowing for sure if it was a load or not. the concept and idea of power was so seductive he was willing to kill those that were STILL alive, which is significantly more cruel than just 'honoring the fallen'.

he was a pussy and had a god complex. it's like that shitty kanye song, guts was just a non-believer and set out to find his own truth, but in doing so started the beginning of the end.
>he was a pussy and had a god complex.

this is maybe the worst summary of Griffith's character that I've read. Besides the "did nothing wrong" crew.

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