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What did she mean by this?
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It means you should stop being a crossboarding faggot.
No it doesn't

Who is the best waifu of the season and why is it Muramasa?
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>seasonal waifu
Kill yourself
Absolutely worst girl.

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>Akko's struggles with magic and finding her place in the world immediately stopped when she found out about the Grand Triskelion, even though her role model explicitly failed at what she will have to do. We are led to expect she is still struggling with school and the meaty topic of work/life balance is never explored.
>Akko and Andrew were a clear relationship plug yet everyone realized Andrew is a loser and ships Akko and Diana relentlessly
>Croix and Constanze's relationship gets glossed over, even though they clearly are the only characters mentioned who share interests in magical technology.
>Sucy became more popular than Akko so she was essentially killed off in episode 8 and now has none of her original instrumentality to the plot line or discernible personality
>Some of the animators have even expressed dislike for Akko yet she's still shilled as the protagonist
>We're supposed to believe that these nine girls are going to come together to mirror the nine witches who created the Grand Triskelion, yet there's been no exploration of Hannah or Barbara as characters and character balance is at an all time low, skewed needlessly and at everyone's protest in Akko's favor
>I know, let's eliminate every original aspect of our franchise and put the most generic character on a pedastle!
As if it wasn't bad enough that Kill La Kill was literally Gurren Lagann - Girl Edition. I had a lot of hopes for Trigger but they'll never be Gainax.
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I watched Kill la Kill before Gurren Lagann and can say KLK was infinitely better in every way. I stopped watching Gurren Lagann around 6, just lost interest.
Nigga you ain't even gotten to the good shit in Gurren Lagann. Fire that shit back up
We told you LWA anime is bullshit.
Yet, you didn't listen. You though LWA anime could be made.
LWA should have stayed in history as great OVA.

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Harems always have a shallow story with characters that fall into cliches.
Just to clarify, I think Renai Boukun would've been a far more interesting series should Guri with the weird fantasy shit and unnecessary girls like Yuzu and Shikimi to be out of the harem.

Then we'll maybe have a good romance with all of the drama from Akane's arc that's better expanded.
>he hasn't read through Rokujouma

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Shit waifu, to be h with you.
tell me about kurumizawa satanichia mcdowell. why does she carry the meronpan?
Woof! Woof!

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Why do people hate characters who aren't idealized and have actual flaws that are significant?
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Maybe because it not ideal..?
I don't hate flawed characters, but Sakura is a shit.
Please dont post sluts without spoilers

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Has there been an appropiate discussion on how inappropiately large Okaasan's butt is?
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No it's the perfect size to bully a shota.
It's perfectly appropriately large, considering what it's used for.

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uchiha family.jpg
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>From now on the Uchiha family should get attention. Even though the anime didn't show it in detail, but from now on the anime will show it little by little. Please look forward to Sakura, Sasuke, Sarada's relationship.

Sarada Gaiden is getting animated, it'll probably start after episode 10.
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Time to relive the drama over Sarada's parentage. It's going to be wild for the anime-only viewers.
My kids will finally get attention and names.
More magazine translations from NF

>The Uzumaki family is a normal family. The father is busy working, the mother takes care of the kids. Even though Boruto is constantly naughty and conflicting with his dad, he still loves his dad the most.

>The Nara family has great strength, they're a simple but very happy family.

>The village children is everyone's children, so even if the child belongs to someone else, when he is being naughty Hinata will still be strict to them.

>The Mitsuki now is similar to a robot, he doesn't have any emotions or common sense, he will slowly develop along with Konoha's children in the future. Mitsuki and Boruto and co's relationship changes is also worth watching.

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Also GTO thread
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He should have fucked this. Jesus, what a faglord.
She was too young.
He should have fucked Tomo-chan.
And married Fuyutsuki sensei.

Did anybody question this prick?

>Outright refuses to do some service that could give him and his sister some food
>Selfishly decides to leave shelter and food from his aunt
>Leaves his sister alone most of the time when she's clearly sick and could get all kinds of diseases
>Decides at the last fucking moment to take her to a hospital
>Realizes when his sister is close to be a fucking skeleton to take their last savings and buy at least some food when it's clearly too late

It's like pretty much almost everything bad that happened to them was a string of bad decisions
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I couldn't enjoy the movie because I felt like adults were presented as cunts and the kid as good just because. I don't know, maybe it's one of those cultural differences between west and east, but I hated how the guy was portrayed as right when he was a twat.
They were understandably cunts. When you get so stressed out from all the bombings and lack of food you tend to get much more selfish and you care more about your own
I am thinking about the part where he steal something, I forgot what, and tries to sell it. No one wants to buy it because they don't have food or money.
When I watched it I thought that the director tried to tell me the adults were evil for nit giving him money/food for something he stole.

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> Create ridiculously cute character who's sole purpose to get rejected.

I really want to beat the shit out of the asshole author.
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She's fucking insane.
Kuronekofags, Ayasefags and Saorifags in a nutshell.
She is really cute, harem end atleast. I'm sure imouto would allow it for more inspiration

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Whats your favorite anime?
and why is it One Piece? [/spolier]
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I'm a sucker for Masaaki Yuasa's work.
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>one piece anime instead of manga
>tumblr art
Koe no Katachi, the greatest masterpiece of our time.

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Are you excited for the new season?
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>Not fumoffu
>Not kyoani
Not really

The kyoani of today couldn't make something as funny as fumoffu.

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Just how strong was Jiraiya? if guys like Madara and Hashirama are S level, where does JIraiya fit in it?

Also do people really believe Itachi couldnt have beat Jiraiya? was Itachi being modest as not to fight and kill a leaf asset?
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jiraiya was a pushover
Jiraiya pre-War arc was probably in the higher tiers of Naruto, but after all the power creep his power level faded from relevance.

Itachi vs Jiriaya without the use of bullshit like Koto or Izanami would actually be a good fight and I don't really know who I think would win, but it'd be a close fight either way.
itachi could 1 shot totsuka jiraiya or just tsukoyomi him

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Sony Music Records and Aniplex announced the cast members for 22/7, the new "dimension-crossing" idol group that AKB48 founder and producer Yasushi Akimoto is producing, over the past week. The cast members, their characters, and the characters' designers are as follows:
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protect the wugs.jpg
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They're bringing the fight, bros.
>Idols in 2017
Leave Aniplex to me.

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