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I will start with an easy one
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Does it start with a Jo and end in a jo?
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Stop, yankees are not for lewding like this.
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That's not how you draw someone.
It is if you want to make her start falling for you. I can't believe there's nothing on pixiv for this series, I've tried all the runes and there's not a fucking thing.
it doesn't have an animu, nor is that popular by itself so why would it?

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>Anime or manga has a witch/sorceress/necromancer or generally any form of magic user
>Automatically become the best character
Why is this?
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They're usually not annoying moralfags, and exist for more than just blueballing the MC
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>Why is this?

I'm pretty sure swimsuits don't work like that.
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It'll probably work if you move really fast.
If they're moving really fast enough to do that they probably wouldn't need the swimsuits at all and could just run over water.
people die if they are killed

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Post anime characters that should never be sexualised
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I'm a little bitch that started Boruto. Is it worth watching the rest, or is it pretty bad as it goes on?
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Pretty good. It is reminiscient of early Naruto but still feels like it's own thing.
Okay that's what it feels like now, but I don't want it to start getting up its own ass like the later parts of the naruto story.
Pretty bad, it seems like it's aimed a toddlers

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How intensely would you enjoy this cute Oni (in a sexual way)?
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Not intensely enough to endure the shitty show she's in
Anal Sex would be the first kind of sex she learns before foreplay and vaginal.
Too bad the group scanlating the manga is lazy as shit

Why do even Shaft-haters like SZS?
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Least Shaft-Shaft anime
You are retarded.
Rumba > Ringo > Bure

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>mfw no season 3 announced for summer '17
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Still can't believe season 3 didnt show up on this seasons list
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Never. Azami killed the manga.

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Can we have an Initial D thread without the memespouting? Honestly, it's always like that so much it feels like DEJA VU.
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Natsuki a SLUT.
Last 4 or 5 stages sucked big time.
Even with Dagumi's cornering hax, most races are still bullshit. I mean, early-game, AE86 vs Skyline. Puny 90 horses on skinny tires vs rocketship acceleration of 300+hp Skyline. RWD is objectively inferior to AWD, unless you can get substantional power/weight ratio advantage with it which isn't the case. AE has solid rear axle, GT-R has rear-wheel steering. AE has no racing heritage, GT-R is literally a homologation car. No matter how much of a driving god Tak is and how crap is the black gtr guy, there's no way something that disadvantaged can win. It's like racing a Twingo against Megane RS.

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What the fuck happened here? Why is she blood stained?
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Ripped the earring I suppose
Did she do it herself? If yes, why?
No, you fucking idiot. Shouya hurt Shouko's ear. The mother clearly wanted revenge. Shouya's mom was in no position to fight back, since she was already giving her an incomplete amount of money as compensation for the broken aids.

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What's your excuse for not watching Kemono friends?
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It's shit.
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I missed out on the live threads.

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teh rei
waifufags and fujoshits
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Definitely not because of its message. People mainly don't pay attention to it and just hail their waifus and homo-pedo-pairings.

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>crying after climax
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hey are you telling me you never experienced post-coital tristesse?
>experiencing post-coital anything
Normie GTFO
We are normies.

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Nyaruko author's newest novel failed to perform and publisher GA Bunko has decided against continuing the novel series.
>Despite the abrupt end in publication, fans of the novel still have reason to hope for more story. Aisora said, "But the manuscript does have parts for three volumes...." Because she already prepared more story, Aisora is considering posting the rest on the free novel and short story publishing website Kakuyomu. However, due to the print publishing deal that has just come to a close, she is not completely sure if it is acceptable to post the remaining parts. Aisora thinks the submissions will likely be erased if posting them is not allowed.
Fuck publishers. For once author decides to work for herself instead of working for money and they won't even let her do that. This is why wee need communism.
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>this is why we need communism

This is the most shitty suggestion i've heard today. Please kill yourself.
Nyaruko was shitty anyway
What happened in the newest novel?

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