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>Wake up
>See this
What do?
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Kiss my wife good morning.
Ask my sweet wife what is wrong.
Why is she still not ejected from hell if she's got god-tier goodness aura?

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ITT: Americans ruining anime.
What the fuck is "hold down the fort" supposed to mean? It'll fly away if one of us isn't holding it down? "Hold the fort" makes perfect sense, we're defending the fort together and and the speaker can't do it for while so we have to step in and HOLD THE FORT!
Seriously, what the fuck are they even thinking when they say this, or worse, write it down? It's the same with "couldn't care less" and "could care less", do they even proof-read their own work?
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Do you really think this shit post is good enough for more than one site?
Shit, they tracked me down
These phrases are a diamond dozen, just move on.

I want to be used by Mei
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>YFW you just realized you are worst girl
that's right, back that ass up, baby

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What am I in for?
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I barely remember it
A lot of waiting.

Could Medusa Nadeko's actually kill Shinobu? Did Nadeko actually achieve godhood or was the serpent oddity just tricking her into thinking she was a god? Did Shinobu know that Nadeko could or could not kill her?
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She swallowed the bookmark which made her a God. The snake oddity, which was pretty much a split personality created by her sense of guilt just told her to do it.
So Shinobu didn't stand a chance against her?
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yes, she and everyone else also knew she was best girl

What went so horribly wrong?
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I don't know, I've still never touched this show. Everyone says it's entry-level garbage but it looks comfy and fun.
nothing since it's still going strong
Plot armor
New Gears,transformations, power-ups and awakenings instead of new techniques and attacks

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What can Homura do now that she seperated herself from Madoka? Madoka was the whole reason she went through countless months of watching her die and now she doesn't have to worry.
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If that concept movie was anything to go by, then Homura didn't separate herself from Madoka at all. Or at least not yet.
Make fun of Sayaka.
Go on like always

Why didn't Naruto just use the "Escape Jutsu" that Sasuke used in episode 3?
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because by that point you lucky kishimoto even remember what happened in the land of waves arc
because the rods fuck with a person's ability to use chakra.
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>decide to watch a show not directed by Tomino
>is shit

Every time.
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>decide to watch OP's favorite anime
>it's shit
Every time.
>decide to watch a show directed by Urobuchi
>is shit
Every time.
>hear that a show directed by Tomino was shit
>watch it
>it was actually a masterpiece
Every time.

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whats up with this mary sue stuff in sol all the time? characters living basically the perfect life with n33tdome but still succeeding at everything without ease and without having to put in effort at all. to add to that, everything always happens their ways and everything good happens to them. how about the struggles of life of ordinary persons and not always this perfect shit
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>all the time
Name 2 other examples in the last 5 years.

There's your answer you idiot.
Watamote is a SoL too.

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that typesetting
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>Be in 2016 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16...
>Still can't read moon
>Still have to read translations
This. You can start reading Japanese in one week. What the fuck are you retards doing?
i actually like lewd genshiken I never got around to researching the artist I'm almost convinced it's another porn artist trying to break into mainstream.

rather bizarre choice for a font especially since the characters like to ramble a lot

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What is the most slappable butt in anime?
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I haven't seen any well-drawn butts in anime.
Kid has good taste.

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silent voice.jpg
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>muh show don't tell
Fuck this. I want more exposition and linear storytelling. Where are the monologues? Why are there so many scenes without dialogue or translations for the sign language? How am I supposed to understand what the characters are feeling? Am I supposed to understand why there are so many shots of flowers? What's with the weird colors and editing? Deserved to flop.
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OP confirmed for brainlet
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its reeking money both domestically and internationally already. You cant stop this ride anon

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Who's your favourite Golden Boyo girl?
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I can't possibly choose. They're all luscious in their own ways.
>WAHWAH WAH! I want all the toys MOM! WAHWAH! Ihave more than enough good boy points! WAHWAH!

typical millenial.

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>waifu is a lesbian
What should I feel about this?
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Better than a waifu who likes a fucking loser.
Sexuality is a spook
Hitting on girls with your waifu!

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