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Do Japanese trains actually do this?
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Do what? Have adds or PSAs? Sure. If you're talking about that pro-family propoganda or whatever you'd call it, I never saw anything like that when I was riding the trains, but then again I wasn't looking for that stuff. They did have a bunch of ads for the upcoming olympics encouraging people to be more friendly and touchy.
I think he meant the overusage of cgi in a panning scene
i didn't see anything like that between 2006 and 2012.

though they might have changed.

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ITT: "villains" who did nothing wrong
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bad boy taichi.png
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>what if we took a serious VN
>then, what if we took some random, unimportant side character...
>and then, what if we made her, and all her irrelevant friends lesbians
>prisma illya

a complete insult to the Fate franchise.
To make lolicons hard/wet.

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Did Kubo kill Jump?
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No, he's just a misunderstood genius and knew that simple/white backgrounds would come back into style before other mangakas.
The madman always has the last laugh
average boichi backgrounds on a weekly basis and he likes to have multiple shit going at the same time? thats suicide for all involved.

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What would have happened if Kaworu didn't die?
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He would have lived
Shinji wouldn't have completely lost his shit

But Kaworu needed to die because he was an unrealistic portrayal of "love". Shinji needed to kill the fantasy that he always wanted to progress in life but he ended up trying to kill himself afterwards I think
Hot homo buttsex doujins.

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So when are the BD rips?
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Probably some time after the BD is actually out
When is the BD released?
April 2016

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This is Nui
Prove that she isn't best girl
Pro tip: You can't
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post lewds
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>Nui best girl

Yeah, sure buddy.
Nonon > Nui

Who was the best Nichijou trio and why was it these three?

The igo soccer club trio is second best.
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>not the teachers
I like the name Weboshi.
Me too. It's kind of cute.

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Why does this show feel so sexual? There's nothing explicit or even much fanservice but I get weird vibes from the subtext.
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Which one would you fuck?

I'll be specific. I feel like the show was speaking directly to my femdom fetish.

And to your question, Shion.
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ALL of them.

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How will the meme cartel ever recover?
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Based. doki > FFF
the embargo has finally been lifted boys
It's like I can feel Daiz hair grow.

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anime university.jpg
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What would you study at /a/ university?
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Can I drive the campus transport?
Don't expect many passengers
If I study toxicology my teacher would be a pokemon? How would that help

What's /a/ think of this guro master piece? I heard some of the animation was destroyed, does anyone know what that lost media contained?
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When I heard about this I wanted to read it, but couldn't find it online, so I bought a copy.
Then a week later I found it online. The salt still stings. And It didn't have that part from the animation with the rats on her mother's corpse so I was confused.
I like the movie adaptation better
Wasn't this movie banned?

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Oh, sorry, I forgot an anime girl in my OP you autistic janny

Why don't anime appeal to a mass audience including otaku instead of solely otaku?
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They do, its called Doraemon, Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Piece.
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>Oh, sorry, I forgot an anime girl in my OP
Be more careful next time
The big sellers do that, it just happens by fluke. Plenty try and fail.

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Left or right?
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Neither. Both a shit. A SHIT.

Celica a best. A BEST.
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>Town has a population problem
>Corrupt children like this
Worst sakura.
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Can't the boys just jerk off into their hand and slap it onto their vagooos?
She's trying to get the time she wasted back. It's admirable.
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