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>Madoka changed the industry
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Look at how much pedo-pandering there is nowadays. It must have done something.

have you never seen a single pre-2011 series
All Madoka did was emphasize an annoying subgenre of dark magical girl shows

Seriously. I don't know what's the fucking point anymore. Is this seriously gonna be an oreimo 2.0? Why create those little romantic tensions between the other characters, why deepen the relationships on such a level between all those females and MC?
Just cut the crap and establish normal relationships. Put in some interesting male characters. Why do those animes follow the same schemes?
I think I'll end my ''anime career'' with this, as I don't see where this industry is heading anymore. Seems to end up in an abyss of unoriginal waifu harem trash which follows the same concept over and over again.
What is happening with Japan? Is incest and pseudo incest that much of a cultural and literary treasure, that it has to be bound into so many animes?

Is the author fucked in the head? Things like those would be laughed off in most countries. This has as much entertainment value as ''Keeping up with the Kardashians'', meaning a superficial one, which is bothersome in many ways. Using the power of Consumerism seems to be a forte in today's world
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Plus it's pedophile bait.
They're showing her thighs, legs, boobs and armpits as much as possible for some reason.
The production crew are pedophiles
This is just your average LN "romance"
I hate how all the LN authors are barely teenagers. Making money like it's nobodies business. I mean come on.
It makes me feel inadequate.
Plus the MCs voice is Kirito and all the girls are confessing to him despite being better than him at everything.

>Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler 041 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Bless you, anon.
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Based anon, thank you.

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>stream screenshot
Wrong website.
>shrill, obnoxious potato thing is still shrill and obnoxious

Everything seems alright to me.
I mean what the fuck were you expecting OP

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Things have a tendency to become distorted in memes. Therefore - what we should always remember, what was canonically true - was that Rin was considered the best fit out of literally billions of people to host the goddess of prostitutes.
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I'd pay for an hour of Ishtarin's pussy.
Things have a tendency to become distorted in memes. Therefore - what we should always remember, what was canonically true - was that OP was considered the best fit out of literally billions of people to kill himself and end his worthless life.
I would like to insert penis in her vagina

If you know what I mean

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My ex-wife Chino is for sale.

Who wants her?
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What did she do?
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Wanna trade?
By me.

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Are NEETs cute?
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What's with people just assuming NEET's living in some trashy bedroom with shit all over the place.

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Chief Director: Keiichi Sato
Director: Shuuhei Yabuta
Series Composition: Hiroshi Seko
Character Designer: Naoyuki Onda
Animation Production: MAPPA
No one asked for this.
Atleast it'll be a full adaptation.

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you deserve this. the thread was already terrible
Good thread, boys.
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He is at it again.png
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Thanks dad.

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Help me, /a/ I fell in love with the Tiger II after watching GuP!
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Tiger II is a total cutie anon, you should marry it.
Downloading GuP now. What am I in for?
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/k/ would be a better resource.

Tiger will always be the best tankfu though.

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When did you realise Kircheis was right about everything? From Westerland to him not carrying a weapon during the assassination atempt?

Asocials will defend that edgelord Oberstein. Oberstein
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Sometimes I try to imagine an alternative timeline where Kircheis survived.
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Anyone else disappointed with this season?

I haven't seen an anime with worse pacing in a long time. 8 of the 13 episodes this season have had literally zero plot progression and are just filler shit most of the time.

The first season I liked since it felt like the MC was climbing his way up to a superhero and it started with him from 0 basically, but this one feels like it's at a constant stalemate with this tournament bullshit.

MC also literally only used his power ONCE so far.
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read the manga you fool
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How about you read the manga friendo
dont read the manga

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It was okay until Biba. I'll probably watch season 2 unless they do something retarded like reviving Biba
I stopped watching after kabaneri started shooting lasers.

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What if you write a Shinigami into the Death Note?
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Well the first rule is "The human whose name is written in this note shall die", so probably nothing.
It would be extremely painful.
You're a big sociopath

Is this the biggest character development fuck up in the history of anime?
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This triggers the Zfags.webm
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Not a fan of the shift in tone, I take it?
The only "fuckup" was having Gohan all of a sudden become an edgy psychopath in the spur of the moment during the cell saga. It goes completely against everything that he stands for.

Saiyman Gohan is totally consistent with his personality. He's only ever fought to help people, but he's a pacifist at heart.

The Cell saga in general was such a fucking trainwreck.
shut the fuck up bitch, the Great Saiyaman is great

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