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Wtf is wrong with the official UK subs? There's missing bits vs the subs I saw in my third world shithole cinema. For instance
>My friend who came back from the dead, please teach me to study!
should be here, but instead it's just this instead.
Do SEAmonkeys have better subs than the bonglanders?
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Should have gotten Nii-sama or 35mm
Its just the British way lad.
What sub source are you using?
Quite a lot of titles released in the UK have Dubtitles and Subtitles.

If it's just completely fucked regardless then whoever did the translation was probably a chump.

These past weeks, man.
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Last episode was comfy filler rather than boring filler
I hated that bamboo shoot collecting and other short ep.
Does anyone here follow the manga? I'm just curious why this season is going with this 3 stories per episode format. Are they all manga stories or is there filler? If they're manga stories, is it about to catch up with the manga? The pacing just seems kind of odd.

girl (female)
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Get that filth out of here.

I like Nasu doesn't even remember if this thing is suppose to be male or female.
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> removing her dick

why would you remove the one thing that makes her great?

File: Rin_Tohsaka_Crystal_Magic.jpg (945KB, 888x1066px)Image search: [Google]
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Rin a cute
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Darn right.
Both correct.
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Could Rin automatically be the best girl in every series she's in?

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Post Mexican anime characters
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and...we're done
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>Little did he know the that his little boxing routine would later bear fruit when coming face to face with his love rival Hira, the president of the track and field club.
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How many episodes before Tomboy gets her heart broken?
Will this show stay this comfortable or are we all going to NTR hell?
just this one hopefully

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cute nug.jpg
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This show would be better if Umaru was a child.

They could cut out all the Umaruun and UMR stuff and just make it about a cute nugget irritating her onii-chan and getting hugs and stuff. Kirie and Sylphin could be her nugget friends and Ebina could be the downstairs neighbor that babysits sometimes and has a crush on Tahei.

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This show would be better if Umaru in her home form was actually a nugget. Outside she is a perfect girl, but once she comes home she genuinely can't do shit because her limbs shrink into nothing, so she spends time watching anime, drinking cola and using her bro as a slave.
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This show would be better if it was more realistic.

Umaru being a pathetic excuse of a human, getting by on lowest grades possible, constantly tired and depressed from undersleeping to watch late night anime, coming off as a lazy freeloader and not a cute kid and wasting money on stuff she stops caring about in a week.
Theres already a manga that's exactly that.

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What does /a/ think of Paranoia Agent?

I feel this this show does not get the attention it deserves since the animation is beyond amazing, but it was a HUGE mindfuck of a show.
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One of my favorites. What's your interpretation of the show?
I tried it expecting perfect blue levels of fuckery but for some reason it just didn't hit and i dropped it. But thanks for the reminder, defenetely will give it another go.
It's one of those anime that has to find its voice in the middle but the conclusion is very satisfying if very open to interpretation.

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Gear fourth colour.png
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So full colour scans have finally got to gear fourth so I chucked the english text ontop, anyone know when the colour team are gonna do more chapters? Also general impressions on gear fourth
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Go to batoto and ask the one who uploaded colored scans, retard.
Still better than ssgssgssj3 goku
File: Luffy_Activates_Gear_Fourth.png (445KB, 580x585px)Image search: [Google]
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Looks better than the anime
Why do they keep making Luffy fucking red?

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>we tought Honoka is that strong because of Evermillion
>it turns out it's the other way around
Just what the fuck is this guy? Seriously.
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The magical equivalent of Chernobil.
Why is Evermillion so c u t e?
Because Honoka.
Not even joking.

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>introduce a cool character
>kills it immediately
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Looks like the samurai guy from OPM
Yeah Atomic Samurai
Sounds like jojo

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A shit.
Is an angel
I just entered this thread to check if Juzo was the second post
Since it isn't this thread must be beyond salvation

>Still no Mikakunin S2
Where the fuck is it, Doga Kobo?
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>you're still dumb and ignorant fag who has no idea how do the second seasons get greenlit
What the fuck is it, OP?

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The answer will always be K-on, stop making these threads
File: 1481922784572.jpg (418KB, 2560x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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K-ON is not just KyoAni's best work, it's THE best work!
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Where is Hyouka?

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Rate my wife, /a/!
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Ayyy das pretty good wife 7/10
Thanks, friend!
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