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How will this story end? Will it end? Are they milking it at this point? Will it really come down to the behelit that is in the possession of the party? Or will it be by the pure strength within Guts? Is it all a dream? Let's speculate.
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Troll Sex
The best girl will finally confess to Guts in the schoolyard and they will be going to college together. It's the same thing that happens in every animu.
OP here. I fucked up with the spoiler image thing, but I really want people to discuss this. Is Isidoro the main character? The more I study the material, the more I start to accept that fact.

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Murata is back to streaming the next chapter. Release is still planned for the 25th.
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What a shit. Redraw
Monster Association never.
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So he goes from an average yet understandable whimp to an edgelord in a matter of minutes along with some good ol hairacter development.

Are you okay with this, /a/?
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>in a matter of minutes
it was 10 days of torture
also there are real-life examples of hair going white from extreme stress in only one day
>to an edgelord
well, to be fair he went apeshit on the guy that was torturing him nonstop. I bet anyone would do the same
>matter of minutes
wasn't he like a week or 2 in the Aogiri base?
His mentality, his entire being changed within seconds.

>Oh that's right I hate my mom. I hate everyone.


Being Katakuri is suffering edition
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>tell older brother to hurry up with the execution
>he sneers and says yes
>resumes ridiculous villain speech
>all the hostages escape

Why do I try?
I don't have a slowpoke slow enough for you
If we were to believe Oda's estimations (I know, I know) that both the Reverie and the Wano arcs will start this year, it'd be weird to have full-fledged combats, right?

At least they're resolved very fast, I guess.

Finally watching Evangelion for the first time

Does she get a happy ending?
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Evangelion is still ongoing
yeah she has sex with the older guy and the MC

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>“I wasn’t lying, Caesar. There is a story in the book too, one I was supposed to finish. Apollo was rewriting the Iliad with giant robots.”
>He half laughed. “Giant robots?”
>“You know the old science fiction stories where the pilot rides inside a giant human-shaped robot. Apollo’s Iliad was set in the future, a space war where Troy is on the Moon, with Hector and Achilles facing off in giant robot suits and smashing asteroids. It was badly written, too. If you saw a chapter, Caesar, you would laugh.”

>Apollo wanted a war of meaning, two sides embodying two futures, who would fight with respect and honor, putting their lives on the line for their philosophies, as it was when Saladin and I faced Seine and Apollo. Homer’s heroes could have that, be that important to the course of the war, because they were part god. Apollo’s future version had cyborg pilots bonded to special giant robots that only they could use, which made them overwhelmingly powerful compared to common soldiers. In Apollo’s version the gods were powerful A.I. robots, so a human pilot in a giant robot suit was literally wearing a prosthetic god. There were only a handful of pilots who could do it, so when one left or entered battle, or switched sides, that individual decision could change the face of the war.”
>Caesar breathed deep. “Just like Homer’s heroes.”
>I nodded. “Freud said all technology is a prosthetic god, a set of tools we weak humans strap on to give ourselves the powers we crave: computers for omniscience; trackers for omnipresence; medicine for immortality; armor for invulnerability; guns for Heaven’s wrathful thunderbolts. Apollo just made that literal.
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idc i just like seeing giant robots shoot each other

no need to get more complicated than that
i prefer giant robots shooting alien monsters
that is also good too, yes

giant robots with laser swords are also good

I like my women like I like my coffee-ground up and put in the freezer
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Who the fuck puts coffee in the freezer?
>coffee in freezer

Anyone remember this show? It's really dumb, but surprisingly entertaining.
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Also Neneko is best girl.

>It's really dumb, but surprisingly entertaining.

That sums up nearly all early 2000's animu.
The manga ending went full retard.

>Remember all that stuff about being an engineered slave race?
>Well that was a load of bullshit, they're actually a parasitic race pretending to be slaves that latch onto a species and serve it, and if the species becomes dangerous they basically nuke it to death and find a new home.
>Humans are next on their shit list.

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Chocolate or vanilla?
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Vanilla 5 days of the week and chocolate on weekends.
The other chocolate one

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Why does so much anime pander to lesbians?
I always thought anime was targeted at straight guys but lesbian fan service keeps showing up in all the shows I watch.
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>I always thought anime was targeted at straight guys but lesbian fan service keeps showing up in all the shows I watch.

bait or retarded
this isn't pandering to lesbians you dumb fuck. this is fanservice aimed at lolicons
yuri isnt aimed at lesbians, its aimed at yurifags

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pre 2000s anime: pre 2000s anime thread?

Ace wo Nerae was pretty good
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Oh I watched that the other day. It's okay, I don't really like Dezaki or shoujo but I was really impressed by its "structure" I guess you would call it. The way they transformed a TV series into a film. Very good job, I felt.
are you sad someone probably won't buy and sub blu rays
Oniisama e BD's got uploaded so Ace wo Nerae BD's will also be uploaded I hope

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Floof or Megane.

You can only pick one.
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Asuka is disgusting

That's a terrible opinion to have.
megane because she's a big girl.

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Presumably, after the end of the LNs.
Chidori is a stupid bitch.
Souske doesn't fuck.

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I laughed so hard at this
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Was Euphemia going on a massacre of eleven scum supposed to be funny?

dango dango dango dango dango dango
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Clannadman didn't deserve such suffering.
is that a bakabt reference?
Fuko is such a disgusting pedo.

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