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Is the second Mushishi as good as the first?
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Zoku Shou second season is a masterpiece and by far the best Mushishi season. It completely crushes every other season.
Yes. No question.

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Was it autism?
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[soothing piano music]
Shame they didn't show Killy breaking his arm firing the GBE.
the net terminal gene is the answer to everything

Best Gundam protagonist?
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You posted her
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Its the one whose hand is burning red
And its loud roar tells him to grasp victory

Who did you honestly support?

Onedorefags, why were you so confident with the odds stacked against you?
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Bumping this shit.
Onodera was kind of boring, Chitoge was annoying.
Anyone who read the one-shot knew exactly who was going to win anyway.
>Onedorefags, why were you so confident with the odds stacked against you?

She was best girl.

The way Chitoge won destroyed all interest for Season 3 it's hilarious.

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>ywn have a fulfilling high school experience

why even live?
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>used goods
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Was it autism?
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>having a warm delicious meal

every time
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Mostly /ck/.

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YMK anime when?
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I want to bully that girl
You're wranglin' for a stranglin'.
Antoinette was right, Aeka is a fucking insufferable manipulative cunt.

What is Mio thinking about?
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She's Aoi.
ritsu's dick

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>156990135
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Requesting Pokemon Trainer Akko and her simplemons Slowbro and Quagsire

Trainer outfit refs here: http://imgur.com/a/OyI27
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Kiru hair ref.png
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Requesting Amou Kirukiru cutting off her hair, similarly to the pic on the right. Maybe just using her hand instead scissors.
I went through 3 pens in 2 years, and each was like +20$ with shipping.
Tablet is okay, but the pens are very fragile.

You'd have to be gay to choose gorrilla or plain girl over this.
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There is nothing wrong with being gay.
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>You'd have to be gay to choose girl or girl over this girl
She's too perfect, no point in having a relationship without any problems since half the fun is working them out and the other half is the fucking.

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Why JCs always the best MCs?
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What the fuck is JC?
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Please go and stay go.

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What are your thoughts on this panel from chapter 2 of Gigantomakhia as drawn by renowned mangaka Kentaro Miura, /a/?
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Why isn't he working on Berserk?
I would like to see him continue this manga.
AFTER Berserk

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So how does he work?
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Eh eh eh epic meme
King Crimson erases time while allowing the user to act during the erased period of time.

So its basically like The World, but without The Worlds only exploitable weakness.

Or you could say, it just works.

And thats still not the most bullshit stand in part 5.

Picture a movie as its most basic form, several pictures chained together (never mind the sound and other shit, it is not important)
Now, a director can edit said movie and take out scenes from it, same with King Crimson.
For example, a portion of the movie where people went up a stair is missing, so they are at the top of the stair but they don't know what happen in between.
Additionally, and this when it gets OP as fuck, this director in particular can decide what goes and what won't go on said movie as he edits in real time, so he takes out half the people going up the stairs, but he keeps this one dude that went up. The results are on the next scene, A.K.A as present, but only the stand user know how that happen, while what the rest of the people on that scene were trying to do got trashed.

Basically it edits reality as it was a movie, If I remember correctly there were even movie frames on the manga at times referencing that reality was being edited.

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How does this make you feel?
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desire to bully
Desire to protect deaf waifu
What would she sound like during sex?

>using your enemy's autism against himself

Brilliant, but how do you think is Senkuu going to bullshit himself back to life?
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*it was helogram*
He's gonna be stone age Stephen Hawking.

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