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Would you a library?
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I would pat that head so goddamn hard
Reminder that this series will never be completed because the author got bored of it.
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Must you ask?

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Are Hinako's looks enough to make up for the fact that she's a completely obnoxious person?
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She's not though
>this is what Hinakofags really believe
Yes. Even if she had a personality as shitty as Yua's her looks compensate.

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Yo is this for real?
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It is indeed real.
> blame vr
> real time
> get spawned in middle of flat empty space of megastructure
> take 100 years of real time walking to get out

Thanks VR

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Since TS-anon died, I am here to fill in the gap. I hope to typseset everything we got out over this week. Chapter's here: http://imgur.com/a/xDXWj

Dumping it now.
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seems more like consistency than foreshadowing
>your internal organs
>shows saitama being punched in the face

But yeah, it's not really foreshadowing, but it's nice to see they have a consistent combo for Bakuzan.
How is he even able to punch him at that angle, being so tall...

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Well, finally watching Dragon Ball Evolution since 2009. It's better than GT desu

do you agree?

I'm currently like 20 mins into the film, and major changes to the source have already been revealed and yet somehow it has managed to keep my interest for all of those 20 minutes. This is a feat GT could not accomplish in 62 or however many episodes there were.
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dear anon,
how does it feel when nobody takes the bait?
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I'm not trying to bait anyone. Evolution is literally better than GT.
Honestly I would have gave them a 2nd chance with the sequel just to see what they would have done if they actually went to doing the Dragonball Z stuff which is what got millions of fans in the first place... instead of doing the king piccolo saga Dragonball stuff and that I didnt like Dragonball as much as I liked Dragonball Z......

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why did best girl lose to autism?
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I don't understand the question. Best girl and autism were one and the same.
Aren't girls more cute when they are retarded?
Mental retardation is apparently moe and desirable.

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What was the point of this shot?
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You gay or something?
If I liked the show, I'd give some long winded bullshit post about symbolic meaning and how deep it is and how it represents something or another about the characters.
To prove that Ryuko has the best ass.

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Has any film outside of Rebuild 2.0 and 3.0 caused as much of a shitstorm on /a/ as Summer Wars? Maybe Ponyo?
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How is her skirt the same length on both sides when she's pinching it?
>Maybe Ponyo?
I don't understand how Ponyo could have possibly caused a shitstorm, it was a completely harmless and inoffensive movie.
What was the shitstorm? I was never in any summer war threads. Was it from the brown trap?

What the fuck /a/?
I thought Oreimo was suppose to be a really good anime? I've seen it praised often enough in forums.
But I have never seen a more unlikable character than the heroine.
Seriously... Kirino is an utter bitch.
She's meant to be a tsundere, except there was not cute side to her at all... and the anime seem self-aware of this!
Was the whole series one elaborate troll?
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I haven't seen it, but if the character writing is as pure cringe as eromanga, I can understand why you wouldn't like it.

coming from someone who has no issues with loli or incest, this writer is trash from what I've seen so far.
>She's meant to be a tsundere, except there was not cute side to her at all... and the anime seem self-aware of this!
>Was the whole series one elaborate troll?

Buy the Dark Horse editions of the KuroNeko manga and be happy.
> I've seen it praised often enough in forums.
Fuck off and kill yourself, newfag. You clearly got to /a/ last week, and you don't belong here.

If you could live in one anime universe, which would you pick and why?
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Anyone who doesn't say pokemon is a retard.
Literally no disadvantages.
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This. Pokémon world is literally perfect for any kind of story.
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what the fuck with this gay ass generic crunchyroll/ reddit anime thread? Jesus Christ /a/ is truly compromised

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Why is it that everything that kyoani touches turn into a 10/10?
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Needed more drunk moms
Yeah, that movie does the manga justice. They seem to have omitted the bit about making a movie, but the rest so far (I've been editing the script of the "sub" that came out), is on point.

I hope the anti-bullying message is clearly received.
That's why we call them GodAni

Someone please tell me that the ending of this show won't follow this trend of making me angrier and angrier every passing episode.
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Just wait until you meet Ghost Banri.
Ghost Banri was literally the best part of this shit show.
That little shit is Shinji-level annoying.

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How the fuck am I supposed to read manga, /a/?

When I was new to it, I tried the buyfag route. Little did I know something "official" could have censorship, typos, errors, and endless memelations. I bought D-Frag - ruined. Dorohedoro - ruined. Monster Musume - ruined. Mahoutsukai no Yome - ruined. Then countless other releases that had typos and errors out the ass. Only 3 series I ever bought were of good quality.

Scanlations. Could be a team who knows what they're doing, Could be a couple of 15 year old memers in a basement. Most niche series don't even have scanlations. Even many of the big ones, the only options are horrendous.

With anime, you hear the characters speaking, and if you've watched enough to reach the nirvana where you can understand 70% of it, it's pretty easy even if the subs are irritating. Manga, you have no idea. Who knows if what you're reading is the actual dialogue or some idiot re-writing the story. Other than obvious signs like memes, swearing, and other liberal elements, you can't tell.

So how the fuck do you read manga?
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Learn japanese and buy the real volumes
If you can u derstand spoken anime, all you need is learning the kana and having a kanji dictionary and you can read japanese manga.
By reading it in Japanese as intended.

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Why are Naruto fights so shit? the fights are more akin to turn based games than an actual free for all fight, lots of characters just stand around and watch, characters like Shikamaru would instead worry about the opponents being stronger than naruto when he could have used his shadow technique to bind them so all 7 of them could beat the crap out of those sound shit, but no, he wont make am ove until X makes a move and X will not make am ove until Y makes a move.

jesus, even the supposed legendary Sannin fight was shit, Oro and JIraiya kept watching Tsunade and Kabuto lash at each other
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>talks shit on the fights
>points to the one fight in the series where everyone was crippled as fuck
>thinks his argument holds any water after picking a poor example
Because its a cartoon, and needs to be entertaining, that is why.

Well, OP picked a shitty example, but the thing about Shikamaru is actually right. Not only Shikamaru, there are abilities like Ino's possession jutsu that could have been extremely useful if the author went for more creative fights/teamfights instead of just spamming ki blasts and eye hacks.

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