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Is /a/ still reading this?
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I want Clair to sit on my face.

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Who is the best LWA girl?

How do you like LWA femcast compared to other Trigger girls?
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>Let's peek!
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Thoughts on Watching Anime on Inferior mediums like VHS & Laserdisc?
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I'd watch a Lain VHS rip if there was one available on the internet.
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VHS is an analogue format. You can copy it, but you can't "rip" things from tape. I wouldn't even know where to begin if I wanted to hook up my VCR to a PC. I'd ask /g/ but they probably wouldn't know either.
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I hear anime use to be pretty expensive.

Pics of a cute cpuple kissing thread
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What would sex with her be like?
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You mean chex right anon?
you could sing yankee doodle went to town while you were doing it and she wouldn't know
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>kuroneko look-a-like getting BTFO on episode 7
What the fuck is this author's problem?
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maybe he was rejected by a kuroneko-like character
Actually she looks like one of Kuroneko's sisters, but I think the story takes place shortly after Oreimo as there is a cameo by the main trio of girls.
making shitty harems

Here's a question, why was this animated?

Yes it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and skill, but in what way did the medium help the storytelling? Everything could have been acted out instead and shot live action. The mimicry of chromatic aberration in lenses just shows how desperate it was trying to be a real film anyway.

Try to answer something other than just "2D>3D"
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This is pasta, isn't it?

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How much more of a Mary Sue can Yona become?
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She's right though. And Soowon can suck on it.
Is this thing still about touring random cities and solving their irrelevant problems with a squad of bishounen or has something plot relevant actually happened?
Soo won did nothing wrong

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Schoolgirls are too lewd these days.
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artist name?
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OP, not right now please. I can't fap now, not again.
>tfw you live in a country with so few people autists like me can sit with several empty seats between them

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Want to explain why? I thought it was really well done.
He's probably pissed because they didn't kiss.
i mean why the fuck do these kind of things always end in the best part?

after-stories sell like hotcakes.

A Yowamushi Pedal episode just aired a little while ago, some dudes yelled a lot and used weird bike superpowers. One of them won.
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Our boy Sugimoto would've won
I barely find motivation to watch this garbage anymore. Every episode or every arc is exactly the same.
>put a motivated guy against a stronger guy
>dude thinks he can beat him
>dude gets surprised and he thinks he can't beat them
>dude wonders why he wants to beat him
>couple of black flashes started with a *bing* chime and ended with a *bing* chime
>dude remembers why he wants to beat him
>dude comes up with some bullshit and beats him
>some thinly veiled bro scenes for the fujos
>the end
>dude comes up with some bullshit and loses anyways

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Sidestory 1 has been translated
>This is a short sidestory that takes place between arcs 4 and 5. The first seven chapters
are indispensable reading for arc 5, so it can be considered something like 'arc 4.5'.

Every character is a big fucking cunt.

Also, chicken is doing a live TL of Arc 6 - Chapter 33
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Did Asanagi drew this?
I just love that Regulus's face is so similar to Echidna's.
It might just be the art style though, talking about official one.

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>still no Eiken remake

With huge breasts becoming increasingly more common in anime lately you'd think there is no better time to do a modern Eiken adaption. So what is keeping them so long?
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>a modern Eiken adaption
So, literally just Eiken in HD.
What studio could handle the awesome responsibility?
Hoods x Kaneko?

Anon, why is your ____ so ____?
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wife Sharo


ITT: canonical sluts
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you're waifu
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just because she has multiple children doesn't make her a slut
Damn I came here to post some Tenchi and I got beat to it by the third post in.

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