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literally(as in actually) the most underrated anime in existence.
Cant Stop!

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Spoilers are out.
Short summary:
Mama receives a reprimand for letting the kids escape. The demons arranged a pursuing party to capture them dead or alive. Emma walks through the huge primeval forest when the younger kids got tired, so the group takes a break to eat something. Emma is doing her duty as lookout when Ray approaches her to discuss their plan from here on out. She takes out her pen and says that they'll go to the spot B06-32 to meet Minerva. Afterwards she instructs Ray to dismantle the pen and he sees the B06-32. After dismantling it some more they find a stereocopy devicelike object that's built into the pen. Ray sees a graphic of an owl and a morse code. It's B01-14. He's surprised, but he suddenly hears Toma shouting. When Ray rejoins them it turns out that they lost Rani/Lani. They call out his name, but nothing happens. Instead, a few moments later only Ray, Emma, Thomas and another kid all the other children disappear.
Link to spoiler pics: https://www.spoiler.net/spoiler/jc.1-the-promised-neverland-chapter-38
Anyway, I'll dump them in thread
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Color Page
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How do 03friends feel about Brotherhood supplanting the legacy of the original anime?
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Its kind of a shame, since 03 is a better story. But at the same time, its like...what difference does it make to me if a bunch of kids watch garbage? Its not like the 03 anime disappeared or was erased from my memory. Plus like many internet autists I enjoy being a contrarian. I liked the 03 anime until I read the manga and then I decided that I loved the 03 anime.
>liking screwed adaptation over faithful adaptation
What kind of fags you are?
>Always-whiny Ed
>Useless Al
>Paper thin Hohenheim
>Fanfiction finale.

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Are you hyped for the anime adaption?
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>ywn have cutie igirisu waifu to play vidya with

no i'll be too salty
Is it as cringey as the title suggests?
why don't you read it?

Yes, it is

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s-shoganai wane....
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Why Ayano doesn't stop with the tsundere faggotry and straight (heh) confess Kyouko she loves her?
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She just wanted someone to love her.
Why MC is such a faggot?
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I want to love her.
you should read the manga, then

murakami reciprocates because he comes to realize how much it means to kazumi
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Where are they going?
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Going for a barbecue on some riverside.
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On a quest
the wheel is comically big

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what went wrong?
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bad plan and bad ending
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The only two redeemable characters from this shitshow.

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Is he ever gonna fuck her?
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If he doesn't, I will.
Is this from buyuden? Wtf I thought the manga ended?
This series is awful, the only thing noteworthy about it is MC banging the loli.

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How do you eat this?
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Jam the whole thing in your mouth at once sideways. Little jap girls don't have big enough mouths to do it the right way.
With your mouth I'd imagine.
1. Insert into mouth
2. Chew
3. Swallow

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Saitama>Zen-ohs>Everyone else in DBS
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>t-they were holding back
>that OPM animation
Why can't DBS animators do the same?

Because Dragon Ball has a new episode every week while OPM has 12 episodes in years.

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How can a such masterpiece turn into shit like this?

Bastard had an amazing plot at the beginning, when the former Riders of Havoc were trying to revive the Evil God Anthrax. After the conclusion of this saga, the shogun blablabla were introduced, then the angels, and the one of the best mangas in history became shit. This chapter was released some years ago, and it has no plot, it's pure fanservice shit.

How the fuck this happen?
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>Bastard had an amazing plot
no it fucking hadn't kek

bastard was all about retarded over the top fanservice, it didn't take itself seriously and that's why it was so fun

l'm pretty sure the author is mentally ill anyway, l made peace with the fact the series will never have a proper ending
>Bastard had an amazing plot at the beginning
Are you joking? I can't tell, Bastard's first few volumes are goddamn terrible.
All manga turn to shit eventually.

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Why is she such a fucking slut?
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>assblasted etofags
>Why is she such a fucking cutie sexbeast?
fixed for you

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There is not.
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But Jun was second best girl.

ITT shows that you miss
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It was nice having an mc that was hyper aware at all he bullshit he goes through and talk mad shit about everything. If they replaced kyon with anyone else, the show wouldnt have been half as memorable I feel.

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