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So, I'm new to anime. I just watched Nichijou, and, even though I've heard some reasonable criticism, I fucking loved it.

So, the ending and knowing it will never be continued fucking destroyed me mentally.

Why does it have to be over? It was so perfect. Everything was happy, everyone loved eachother and then, boom. It all disapeared.

I guess you guys have had this feeling before. How do I get over it ? i genuinely feel like shit.
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Watch another great anime. Try K-ON!
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I felt this way when Hanamaru ended. I only got over it after they announced there would be a sequel.
Before that it was suffering day after day. And it'll all come back when S2 ends. There's no escape OP.
the author of nichijou wrote a new series called city its pretty food f.am

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New July issue chapter focusing on the twins, but aneki is always around and Yayoi only gets 1 line
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About to watch Kemono friends. What should I expect?
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Characters doing things and talking on your screen for 20 minutes.
Nothing. The lower your expectations, the more you'll enjoy it.
You're in for the ride of your life.

Better buckle the fuck up anon, because you're going inside JAPARI PARK~

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Which one is better?
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Nostalgia will always win.

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Can anyone explain this to me if anything is known? It seems this dude is neural evil or just a good for god hand but he is bad ass. Raksas is my favorite antagonist so far but I've not much info on him. Any one care to enlighten me?
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He follows griffith for the lulz because apparently the only thing he actually enjoys is killing
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bump for insight
So does he have any affiliation to the God Hand or Kushians? He basically showed up and started recking shit

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>no thread
Why did the love die?
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Sayu is better
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>cropped ero doujin
Is it allowed to lewd Miuna?
Old and busted. Megumeme is all the rage now.

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Finally got around to watching this and it 100% lived up to the hype. Now I'm stuck watching shittier anime movies trying to find something similar, only one that was close to being as good was Koe no Katachi
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how did you watch it? what torrent did you use?
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I just streamed it because I didn't feel like waiting for the download
hm since koe no katachi is out now i'll wait for bdrip on torrent of kimi no na wa

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Get in here
>Composer and lyricist management company MiracleBus posted on May 1 that Evan Call is handling the music and Takahiro Ikeda is the music director for Kyoto Animation's Violet Evergarden anime. The anime is listed on both their pages as a 2017 television anime.
>2017年 アニメ「ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン」
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movie or tv series
Trailer when

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Why is this allowed?
We all don't know our names around here.

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>Please don't graduate

Why didn't they protect her?
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Mugi laid the groundwork for her eventual healing.
Season 3 never
because she's a tenshi.


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>the best anime girl in history is from a mecha show
Sounds about right!
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But thats wrong
>from an Anno show at that
Hmmm... that's not the daily lives of high school boys

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gear 4.jpg
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Wow this is an interesting image
Probably why the fuck is he posting in the name field

Has there ever been a series that you didn't want to finish because of a lack of passion for it? Doesn't matter if it was critically acclaimed or not, you yourself just couldn't get into it.
Pic Related.
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Yes, a lot.
Several times every season.
Which ones?

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Anyone know whatever happened to this manga?

I forgot it existed and now it seems scans stagnated for years.
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Use the archive and you'll see.

Well fuck, how'd I miss that. Thanks.

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