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What's up with the production value of the season 2 of My hero academia? Out of the 20 minutes episode, only 15 are actually new content, the other 5 minutes being made of clip of the previous episodes as if we neede to be reminded of what just had happened.

This sort of thing made sense in a time where broadcast where fixed and you could miss an episodes. But with a show planned from the start to be streamed, it make no fucking sense during a current episode to reshow animation of what had just happened in the previous eps. Fuck, THEY EVEN MAKE RECAP OF THE PREVIOUS EPISODE AT THE START OF IT. When most will rewatch the previous episode anyway just before the new one is made available to bit their time, or simply wait for the whole season to finish to binge-watch it all, this is fucking stupid to do that.

I don't watch as much anime as I used to in the past, is it still really common, to the level My Hero Academia do it. I don't remember Season 1 going as far as how Season 2 has been.

Did they run into a budget limit during the production of season 2? Did they had to repurpose their production to make sure they would be able to meet ends? If at least the part of the production that was new was of top quality, I'd be okay with that, but they still rely heavily to moving still frame, IN PLUS of reusing clips of the previous episode.

Are there other annoyed by that?
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Care to elaborate?
You're watching a literal kids show and are confused why they are assuming that their audience is retarded.

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What's your biggest anime fetish /a/?
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Girls wearing wristwatches.
monster girls
You posted it.

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It's almost time, lads.
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BRA are best shingekis.
Do you think we'll reach the beginning of the talk on the trees in this ep?

Find a flaw
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they're not on my dick
The existence of this series.
The artstyle for the anime is ugly as fuck, it's been a poor adaptation from S1 onwards, the writing quality is subpar, and the series as a whole squanders its potential by focusing too much on OC donut steels instead of the actual Fate cast and diving into "muh serious, lofty pathos" later on in a fucking mahou shoujo series.

Oh, and the character designs just keep getting worse with every new card used.

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Mysterious hotdog man is best boy
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First for still missing Arc-V
what is the status of that shirt anon
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That's not Sora

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Why is Kirino a 10?
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Because anyone can be a 10, if you use the right scale.
For Kirino that's 1-100 on a logarithmic scale.
You're gay though, your opinion doesn't count.
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Say it with me.

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>Humans yes.
>Demons no.

That simple. Why don´t people understand ?
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Rocky is best character
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Is nina the biggest slut of the season or the biggest slut of the season?

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Post and rate.
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what's the point of these threads? If you want to show off your taste then just make a MAL profile and put your favorites there. jesus.
I know every anime on this chart and i'm a pleb so i'm just going to assume you have shit taste.
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best boy lost because asspull
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>not even page 10
Asspull or not, the execution was really good.
Is the anime made in 720p or 1080p?

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She feels odd to me now after rewatching her scenes
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I want to see her double peace ahegao
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>this is a thelemic demon
So this is what happens when /a/ and /x/ fuse.
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I can't believe KamiKoto is ded.

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What do you do when you're sad, anon?
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>kaneki gets raped
o i am laffin
>even kaneki can get laid
>everyone who enters in this thread is hopelessly a virgin
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muh sex robot revolution

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How Kagari "The Yaybringer" Atsuko restores Diana's yay ??

Also does Kagari "The Uninvited Heroine" Atsuko are able to bring back Diana to Luna Nova ??

30 Hours left for Episode 19 Streams...

42 Hours left for Episode 19 Subs...
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Why does LWA have the most autistic fans?
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How will Diana's yay be restored?
Let's find out together!

SSG is great.
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too late
Pretty interesting to ponder if Beat actually matures instead of becoming younger, reaching the prime/sweetspot in youth.
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I'm getting real sleepy so here's the last thing I could find.

Happy posting, or whatever.

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Pudding is the one making best girl Big Mom do bad things.
Kill the frog asap
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Fuck off, we don't need any more cancer.
Nami is a lesbian
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>I love you Sanji-kun...
>I love you Nami-san..

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Who was in the right?
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Erwin backstory when?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
Manlet a Shit.
Armong a Shit.

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