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Can't wait for the inevitable
>he knew she was a dragon all along and was manipulating her
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He doesn't know she is red dragon, he knows she is special though since she armwrestled with him.

Once he learns she is red dragon his attitude will change and he will try to make her join his army.

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Reminder Capone and his goons are about to get BTFO to oblivion.
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Big Mom best girl.
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I-It's not fair bros! Why is that fat boring fish joining instead of my waifu! REEEEEEEEEEEE! Y-year of Jinbe's death!
It's going to get blocked and Shinokuni will flood the party.

No thread? Why not!
Io best girl!
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She doesn't even have good lewds, too pure for artists.

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When will Mina be relevant?
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When I need to fap
When Hori reveals that she's the mole
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Only when their yay wavelengths match at a high level will the world of magic be saved.
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Friendly reminder that none of you Dianafags would be impressive enough for her to like you if she were real.
It's okay, I rather she likes Akko.
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C_u1GJpUwAIw-uR.jpg orig.jpg
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Friends of the North Star
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Real foxes sound so fucking weird.
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In the trash where the rest of her series belongs
she would never join you in your natural habitat
Yeah, like I said she's too comfortable in yours

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I HATE it.
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It's shit
I like it so stop.

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Sword oratoria anime so far its a shit show
Its supposed to be about sword princess and her motivation with a side look to other high members of Loki familia, and so far is the miss adventures of a crybaby lesbian elf, which they already got her magic wrong (elf ring), also skipped the explanation why Finn as a plum decided to be an adventurer and work hare to reach his status when all other plum are mostly supports or why Aiz likes Bell

They better not fuck up the boss fight or the Pantry room last stand
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REMINDER: This elf will stop at nothing to sate her yuri-lust, cute autists beware!
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I just want to breed with Lilica, and force her tiny little womb to be filled with cum 24/7.
>wanting to fuck in-universe hobbits

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Toki: Shounibyou demo Jan ga Shitai
chapter 11 is out in English. Dumping.
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Reminder that these are 5th graders.
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Toki isn't the only one who has trouble averting her eyes.
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Looks like one of the balloons Ryuuka had stuffed into her shirt finally popped.

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What's the current recommended player for watching animu? CCCP used to be gold standard but it hasn't been updated in ages.

I'm getting annoyed by the horrible banding and want to fix it. What filer/decoder should I use to get rid of it?
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Install gentoo.
pic related
absolutely disgusting

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Let's remind the board who the alpha females are
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Ok, you start.

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Why was this allowed?
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie got that badonkadonk
Ymir is fucking retarded.
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BRYH a best.

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>one week left

Any predictions for the next chapter?
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Reminder ever crusader who died in part 3 had their souls raised to heaven except for Kakyoin
Jobin reminds me of part 1 Dio but instead of vampires we have rock humans.
My prediction is:
Josuke and Yasuho expose Jobin to the Higashikatas. Norisuke disappointed and disowned Jobin. Jobin uses Dolomite's tooth and a rokaka branch to perform an equivalent exchange which empowers his stand stats and gives new abilities.

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Zenko > Garou
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Zenko is for Garou
When is Mosquito Girl coming back in Genus' shop?
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We got three male kids that were ugly on purpose in the series, but all the girls were all maximum qts. I'm kinda curious to see how an "ugly" girl by Murata would look.

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