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So we're molesting JCs now huh.
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It's about time
What's a JC?
Why didn't he fuck her while the other girl watched?

Leave jobbing to me.
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U10 is filled with jacked Krillins. How can he even compete?

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Rin is one of the top five hottest anime girls of the decade and the main reason to watch UBW. Can Sakura beat that?
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Rin a shit
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You guys just have a fetish for black hair, green eyes girls, doesn't mean that they are superior or top anything. It just means you have generic, shallow taste like the rest of /a/.

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I keep forgetting Index is with them
She'll be relevant eventually.
Tsuchimikado and Touma have the best broship

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How do you feel about girls that love girls in anime and manga?
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I prefer them to girls that love boys in anime and manga.

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Who is best Samon?
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Teshi is the right answer but all girls are best girls.
>Anri is the right answer but all girls are best girls.
Fixed your mistake, no need to thank me.
who's this samon demon?

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Is Miu the best loli of all time?
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Please don't say the L word or newmods with delete this thread
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Why tho? We're just having a polite conversation about anime characters.

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Meteora is talking, time to leave
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stale meme
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not as much as the infodumps
What meme? I'm glad someone shot her.

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If you continue to believe—got to keep…got to keep it real
You’ll be able to overcome all tomorrows—be yourself
Don’t restrict yourself—got to keep…got to keep it real
Take pride in being who you are and go ahead
Got to keep it idle
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Sheep seems to be really popular.
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What's wrong with being the second option anyway?

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Why is Satania such a loving doofus?
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Satania a best. A BEST.

Gabu a shit. A SHIT.
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fuckability 100/10
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Bert was useful here
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Endgame right here, brothers.
Bert is often useful, Reiner would be dead multiple times over if not for him

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Was it rape?
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BRG are best shingekis
it's not rape if they're both crying
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Can't be lovers if one of them is dead.

>Leave infodump-chan to me
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Left or Right /a/?

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>Freeza replacing Vegeta as Goku's main rival
This will happen.
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On Future Earth for a year and failed to do something that Super Buu did in a couple seconds
Only after fusing with Future Zamasu and the Universe(Asspull) at the of arc does he finally kill all the humans

Can't even kill Future Mai and the resistance since they survived several encounters with him

Super Saiyan Rose Black can't even kill SSJ2 Future Trunks with a full power Kamehameha
Super Saiyan Rose Black can't even kill SSJ2 Future Trunks with a point blank Ki blast to the back

Motivation: Butthurt he lost a sparring match aganist Goku

Only plans to do the Zero Humans Plan in Future Trunks' timeline

Escaped from several times
Flashblack where Future Mai saved Future Trunks from Black using a flash grenade
Trunks escaped from him at the start of the arc
Goku, Vegeta and Trunks escaped him thanks to regular humans using tear gas
Trunks holds off Black and Zamasu so Goku and Vegeta can escape
Offscreen Trunks manages to get away from Black and Zamasu again

So basically he's incompetent and only has his asspull "Zenkai" going for him, which works nothing like Zenkai did in the orignal manga

Gets knocked on his ass by a bullet

Hides behind his clones like a bitch because he's scared of taking another beating from Vegeta

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