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Does Shiggy know he's Nana's grandson?
Does this series have the "new generation surpassing the previous one" trope?
it hasn't happened yet but it was set up to happen from the start so yes

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New episode in less than 24 hours.
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New interview, new info. All hail Space Jesus.

>4Gamer: Yaha-kui zaShunina, the anisotropic, what kind of a person is he?
>Noguchi (producer): That's the thing - he is not really a "person", he is a being from outside of the known space. He's only imitating a human, but he himself is something else entirely. And since he's unfamiliar with human conduct, watching him communicate, learn things such as a handshake, and study human culture is one of the interesting points of the show, I think.
>He also provides a curious perspective. Just like being Japanese can make you ignorant of what Japan is really like, zaShunina's alien view gives us humans a different look at ourselves... Here I'll digress a bit, but there's a member of our anime staff who keeps pet ants. If we compare zaShunina to a human, mankind is pretty much like ants to him. His perspective is that much more advanced and remote.
>4Gamers: He's watching us through a god's eyes, then?
>Noguchi: Indeed. If you pour some water on an ant nest, the ants will freak out and start running all the over the place. I think that's what mankind looked like to zaShunina after he gave them the Wam. He sees we move in some way, so he digs a new hole and watches. (laugh)
>4Gamer: Feels like we're made to dance on a god's palm, doesn't it. (laugh) But there is a conversation between Shindo and his mother in episode 6 where they brought up that "it'd be lonely if it were all by itself" and alluded to Yaha-kui zaShunina's more humane aspects. Should we expect zaShunina to feel closer to humanity now?
>Noguchi: Yes. Notice how communicating with Shindo softens him and in the process he learns more about what humans are like. Will his viewpoint change to a more empathetic one, or will he remain an observer watching the ants scurry about? This is actually a very important part of the story to come. The lines in episode 6 are foreshadowing and the key of sorts.
>4Gamer: By episode 6, zaShunina has given mankind the Wam and stated that humanity will no longer need to sleep. He is changing people's lives dramatically, but what is his real motive?
>Noguchi: With the Wam he solved our energy problem; with the "no need to sleep" thing he is addressing our labor problems. The running theme of the show is "keep thinking and considering", so he keeps presenting questions for mankind to consider. The answers will always differ depending on the individual, so while people abroad might react to the sleep revolution with "Great! Now I'm gonna have more free time!", the Japanese may take it as "Great, now I have to work more'. Nowadays people decry how little time they have, not to mention they are being squeezed dry by the corporations that employ them, so many wish the power to decide their lives was returned back to the individual level. (...) People's values are influenced by their way of living and rhythm, so I'd say he is inviting people with all these different values to reevaluate what "right" means to them.
>4Gamer: So Yaha-kui zaShunina's "find the right answer" call is not meant only for mankind as a whole, but also for every individual?
>Noguchi: Yes. He is inviting everybody to think, to consider various problems, and then find the right answer. The show is heading towards its own "right answer", but whether it really was the right thing to do will differ depending on each viewer.
>4Gamer: Aside from Yaha-kui zaShunina, who is personally your favorite character?
>Noguchi: Asano.
>4Gamer: Shindo's friend Asano Shuuhei, then. That's a rather surprising choice.
>Noguchi: Asano's perspective is probably the most objective in this series of events. Yaha-kui zaShunina and Shindo are the interested party, while the public are the victims. Asano is close to the interested party, but he's not part of it and he observes from the outside.
>4Gamer: Episode 6.5 has just aired, so what should we look forward to in episode 7?
>Noguchi: Expect more objects like the Wam. Mankind will start receiving more questions even faster and the human side will have to give their answers to that.
>4Gamer: So there is more to deal with. The sleep revolution itself is a big upheaval, no?
>Noguchi: Yaha-kui zaShunina thinks humanity is still lacking in some ways and he is ready to provide them. What he is doing is essentially compressing human technological and societal progress on a very drastic timescale. He is compressing things that would take 100 years into a single year and letting mankind experience that.

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Finally the official announcement is here.
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>not C;H
It's going to bomb hard.
We did it Kevin, we've reached the next month !
Wasn't this from that one anime that flopped?

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What pisses you off most about manga?
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Japan's fear of experimentation and their mindset to instead copy what's popular but add a small tweak to make it seem original which goes on until someone or something breaks the mold and is super succesful which then makes everyone just follow that.
The fact that I won't go in a coma for 30 years and then wake up to read a lot of good new series

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Would you go adventuring with your morther ?
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What is she trying to say here?
Why the hell would I constantly risk my mother's life every day? Am I retarded?
This is the one with "mother who lands two hits per attack" or something, right?

Gold diggers: The anime
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>those glorious shioris and sanaes
Shiori-chan has become WOKE. EVERYONE gonna have their clothes burst off when they taste her MANOYAMA SPECIALTY
I'd let these sisters dig me.

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>Robert Rodriguez

Eh could be worse. Could be Rupert Sanders
Whatever. So long as it gets a resurgence in Japan I'm not that fussed about the quality of the movie itself.
I don't remember Alita being "heroic".

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What are your expectations for the end of the arc?
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>10 posts early

fuck off
jinbe dies
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BM will survive and join the mugiwara team.

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Arc was just long enough.
Based Yuna
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Kurara a cute. Surprised Oni vs Nue rematch didn't happen though. I suppose later.
Well that ended quickly
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"U-untie me this instant anon"
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and a ching chong nip nong to you too
>Putting your subs in a locker
Shiggy diggy, etc.

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Is oreimo better or is this better?
In my opinion oreimo is better because Kirino is old enough (14) and not as young as Sagiri (12)
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>In my opinion

And what makes you think anybody cares?
They're both trash.
Sagiri is 12, how old is Masamune? None of these authors seem to go to school.

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Find a flaw.
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Raped Shouya
sounds like a retard
Shes deaf, so she can't listen to the latest kendrick lamar album with me

>ywn bully Ueno
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Best girl
>Uenofags are already this cancerous.
What the fuck was her problem?

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What was the bear fighting meme from? I've seen it before

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Why did Mio, the largest K-On, not simply eat the other four?
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Because that'd be too gay. She's only gay for one of them.
She'd only eat 3, because she needs to keep one as a mate.
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I thought we had discussed every possible K-on thought after 8 years but I just realised we haven't even scratched the surface

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