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Do you ever watch anime at 1.5x or 2x speed?
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>doing that to anime
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Do you even enjoy anime?
Yes. As I do many other videos. As I grew up I developed a reasonable impatience for slow animation. Maybe I've gotten better at extracting meaning out of media. Maybe a particular anime itself lacks content. Absolutely, I want to experience more of it, deeper, and faster; injecting the seed of diverse thoughts. That's what she said.

what would you do in this situation?
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Look for a can of hairspray and a cigarette lighter.
Am I the skeleton or the girl
Worst girl

This is Asuka. also known as the best girl.
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yes 20 years running

even moot agreed
>orange likes red
Not that surprising, really.
That fanart is trash. Also, Rei best girl

Rewatching all of Ranma 1/2 because I didn't have all of the VHS tapes when I was a kid.

I watched this shit when I was like 4 and 5 years old. Don't know why my mother put this on for me. I am what happens when you get raised by a weeaboo.

What anime series did you watch as a kid that you shouldn't have?

>so much boob
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>that you shouldn't have?
Ranma is pretty kid friendly. What is wrong with you?
I will never forget that episode where they showed Shampoo's nipples in full detail

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You wouldn't an over 900 year old undead loli
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>anime design
Fuck no
Yeah, I wouldn't. Give me the cute little mage or the hot elf instead.
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>anime design

I wouldn't.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when reading fish.

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So did Takeru and Hikari end up banging?

I know it's not explicitly said in the epilogue, but we never actually get to see or hear the people they supposedly married, and their names aren't mentioned.

Also, Hikari's child looks like Takeru with brown hair.

It's also suspicious that, in the epilogue, the only people who don't get a shot of them in the real world showing what they're doing are Takeru and Hikari.

Add in the blatant flirting they have going on in Tri, and the only logical conclusion is something has to have happened between these two.
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>he doesn't know
Hikari is for her brother.
Pretty much canon.
Which is why I'm asking :P

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>help rid the world of evil by putting the fear of sudden death into the hearts of all criminals
>now their calling you the bad guy all of a sudden
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swimming school kira.gif
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He was the swimming instructor we deserved.
There was still crime, fag. As long as it's not 0%, he failed and he's just another killer.
He single handedly justified Batman's no kill policy for me.

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Have Akinator guess a waifu. Try and go obscure this time and see what happens.
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Not my waifu but Akinator couldn't guess her if his life depended on it.
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Not bad. He did it.
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What did he mean by this

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Kobayashi is basically a man with a pussy
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And she's great.
Please don't post this picture ever again. It's disgusting.
Don't insult men like that.
She's basically a stick in the mud with an ornery disposition.

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She can't possibly survive again right? They won't deny us this pleasure right? I waited 10 years for it fucks sake
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Why did kallen feel so betrayed at the end of season 1 when she saw lelouch was zero? It's not like she even knew he was a prince which could be a justifiable reason she would think he was just using them. He even told them up front he's not Japanese, and kirihara saw his identity and told them even though he's not japanese his hatred for Britannia is unquestionable and that they should follow him.
As you could see from the last battle in season 1 they had a pretty good lead but once he left for the island their tardness kicked in and lost hard
They all thought that he used his Geass on them to make them serve him.

It's pretty retarded because if that was true, they would never be able to fight the Geass by themselves.

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What do you do if your designated ride is drunk?
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Just stay at home.
that thing looks really comfy
A bit small, also only in fair weather.

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How can a statue like this be so beautiful and flexible at the same time?
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that harlot is ruining more marriages than seung gil

good evening fellow /yoi/s
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How can this man be a pure maiden and a slut at the same time?
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Shut up

HS subs never ever.
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there's a crunchyrip on nyaa.si at least, it's not total trash either

Fuck off
k whatever

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Shingeki no Kyojin is the best piece of entertainment ever done
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This is literally the one thing I wanted to see animated, now I have to wait 5 years to see Zeke and Reiner air drop
how does mappa make me so excited during the fight scenes, I haven't felt overwhelmed like that in past 5 years

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