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JCs are a 10
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10 would be JS.
What is 8 or less?
My wife Machi is so cute.

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Read the guide (if it works) before asking any questions:

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>Oreimo 2.0
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These two shows will air in the same season.
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old fart fatetards wins
i want to suck nero's tits
Fate is Fate, so people will fawn over it regardless of how horrible it is, and believe me, this garbage adaptation of an equaly garbage hentai VN has less artistic value than a dried up dogshit.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am indifferent to it.
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Unlimited Fish Works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
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I don't like
But I love you all

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I know I'm a bit late but... WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO ASH? FUCKING WHY?
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Honestly, the text bothers me more than the design.
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How do you go from this...
Changed of tone and demographics.

From younger teens to kids.

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What's your favorite art house work of the 2010s?
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>I literally don't have a single fucking clue what arthouse means
Kill yourself is my favorite one, OP.
He's been trying to force this for a while now, in phases. Possibly changes in medication.
i'm the guy who usually makes these and i didn't make this one

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I want to tell Mitsuha my name
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Mature is best
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Is this list accurate?
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lmao lelouch is shit
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IQ - 5000.png
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You missed one
Where's moot?

Do your Moms still even talk to you?
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>picture unrelated
She's my best friend.

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Why is Yuzu the cutest?
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How has this been? Did it ever get back to the insanity level of the first episode?
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Not really.

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EP just aired

subs when?
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Friendly reminder to not fist clock girls
Are you and I the only guys that like Clockwork Planet?
Actually, I think you, me, and about 30 others

Also HorribleSubs in about an hour
It's probably my favorite show this season.

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>there are people on /a/ who think Hifumi isn't the sexiest and most alluring New Game
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>there are people on /a/ who think Hajime isn't the sexiest and most alluring New Game
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Stop posting on /a/ and go back to work Hifumi, we have a deadline.
Hifumi and Hajime are stupid titcows that are only good for breeding.

Can more normal, everyday people enjoy Koe no Katachi?

Not even shitposting. Koe no Katachi has a very specific theme and message, with realistic characters that are far from normal. Not to mention that it's pretty much the pinnacle of "showing, not telling".

If you compare it to something a little more accessible like Kimi no Na Wa, it's easy to guess that people going in expecting a simple story might be overwhelmed.
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Not really. Koe no Katachi is for the advanced watcher.

Are you kidding? Normalfags loved KnK.
Yes but they'll spend half the movie thinking about how much they would love to punch ueno. I hate when people do that.

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She wants to play
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Wjat the fuck is that thing
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The Kanna
She can play in the unemployment line for being in such a flop

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>Watch battle shonen/manime
>My reaction to it is "meh" most of the time

>Watch CGDCT anime
>I feel complete inner joy and marathon the show instantly

What has happened to me? It seemed like only yesterday when battle shonen got me pumped and hype as fuck.
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You became emasculated
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You're copying the /a/ taste to appear "cool"
Your taste has evolved anon

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