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you will never marry your 2D girlfriend and have 2D daughters
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It's likely for the best, I don't think my 2D girlfriend would like me very much.

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>episode x.5
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Why is Chrollo so overpowered? It makes me less interested whenever he shows up.
Don't worry, Hisoka will eat him and the whole troupe for breakfast.
I mean if the series ever goes off of hiatus.
Hisoka did murder what, like 3 of the troupe members after that poorly-written fight with Chrollo, right?
>Chrollo's Nen abilities are so broken that Hisoka has to die and come back to life to continue the plot

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Is it possible that the series is just Kyon narrating it from the future?
Given how low intensity everything seems, especially when he gets attacked, it's likely that he's telling all of this from memory sometime in the future. Maybe even to Haruhi, since it seems like she's not unaware of supernatural happenings once they're in college. What do you guys think?
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Well that's how I always imagined it to be, like he's reminiscing.
In disappearance he has no idea who was the one that helped him against Asakura.
The only way we'd find out is in a next installment, probably at the end of the story. That installment is never coming out, therefore your theory is wrong and I'm also going to burn Tanigawa's house for being a lazy fuck FINISH YOUR STORY GODDAMNIT

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>tfw I was all like "RANGIKU BIG BOOBS + FLIRTY = VERY SEXY"
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I'm pretty sure I was so young watching Tenchi Muyo that this was when I first realised I was attracted to women. Surprised she never ended up my actual waifu.
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>Holy shit, she just ran up, and was all over him, and only him. No snarkiness, no tough independant womyn sass, or demands to have piles of money spent on her, just completely and wholeheartedly devoted to him. That was a thing? That was an option?

Middle-School thinking after being surrounded by edgelords, mind, but eventually led to some fantastically cringy self-insert fanfiction with embedded Creed midis.

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Is this still getting typeseted?
Last uploaded chapter was 5/5, I am getting worried. Need more nanachi in my life.
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Is there a reason why these chapters aren't on goddess? What's the point of having the link there and not uploading them?
>Last uploaded chapter was 5/5
I think he means the date, I don't think he's giving it a rating.

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Gintama is nearly over
and nobody on /a/ cares
The age of fujo is upon us.

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Okay, so I just rewatched NGE for the hundreth time. Full series, followed by EOE and then Rebuild. I don't know how often /a/ gets a post like this, but I'm curious, do any anons here think there's any validity to the theory that Eva is cyclical and that Rebuild is actually a sequel, rather then remake of Eva? That everything in Rebuild is literally taking place after the events of EOE? Also, generally speaking, how do you anons feel about Rebuild so far? Things can still go a lot of different ways in the last film.
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Eva is a story of repetition.
I feel like Rebuild was unnecessary, and now that Anno has gone off script almost every change he's made has been retarded.
he knows, he just wants cash and I 100% condone it.

Tsukasa is crying! What did you do?
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I didn't pull out in time
Will you do the right thing and take responsibility?

told her that her hairbow wasn't cute.

Jeez, I'm sorry!

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Hard mode: Post intentionally terrible anime ideas that would make a load of money in Japan.

inb4 bannable offense
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Isekai in which the MC is transported along with his sister, and they can only return to their world after defeating the Demon King with a magical weapon that requires they both willingly engage in incest.
Isekai with cellphones.

Oh wait...
A harem comedy with a group of virgin prostitutes that are paid by old men to engage intellectual banter with them,

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Kemono Friends is more popular and successful than your favorite anime.
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>Dragon Ball/Z/Super
Haha! Fuck you! I win!
Kemono Friends is more popular and successful than Kemono Friends?
at what cost though
at what cost

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Some VA's:
Yuuki Kaji
Takahiro Sakurai
Yūichi Nakamura
Kaori Nazuka
Ryota Ohsaka
Kouki Uchiyama
Tomokazu Sugita

Kaoru Suzuki (Pupipō!, episode director for Hellsing TV, Battery the Animation, Inuyasha) is directing the series at ZERO-G, and Touko Machida (Lucky Star, Endride, Wake Up, Girls!) is overseeing the scripts. Suzuhito Yasuda (Yozakura Quartet manga creator, character designer for Durarara!!, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) is handling the original character design, and Miyako Yatsu (Eyeshield 21: The Phantom Golden Bowl, Idaten Jump) is adapting the character designs for animation, and is also credited as the chief animation director. Yuuki Hayashi (Kiznaiver, My Hero Academia, Welcome to the Ballroom) is composing the music.
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Nothing can surpass Free, a masterpiece pioneering the mainstream gay anime format
>implying it'll sell near as much as free

Why are you so obsessed with her eyebrows?
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Because they're cute.
What's happening to her swimsuit?
she ripped it, because she's fat

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This madman has now complete creative control over you're favorite anime and is working on a re-imagining and/or sequel. How fucked are you?
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you mean this pedoman.

All of the main characters in his movies are little girls xD

>14 years old
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Shikamaru could has smashed her instead of that roastie temari
It's weird knowing that during the Chuunin exams a bunch of parents had to be notified that their adolescent kids were killed in that one forest.
It's Japan
They're practically considered adults at that point


Was she doing the bear or not?
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I want to protect Machi and show her how to function in everyday society outside the sticks
I want to bully Machi by stripping her naked and parading her naked body in the city

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