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Chapter 349.jpg
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Has Miura lost his edge?
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He found happiness and is thinking how to make Guts happy as well without an asspull ending.
If anything it shows that he cares about Berserk.
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he can't take anything away from Guts without giving him anything.
Did you miss the entire golden age arc?

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Reggie Cavendish.png
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>*Ragyo theme starts playing*


11 Hours left for episode 19 streams...
23 Hours left for episode 19 subs...
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>yfw be a japanese person mispronouncing german words
Truly the pinnacle of life.

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I can't believe Meteora is dead!
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Altair soon.
Oh, if only.
Just another thing that Mamika fucking ruined.

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Childhood is liking huge cow tits. Adulthood is liking the subtle elegance and beauty of a flat chest.
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How can flatties even compete?
childhood is picking a side
adulthood is playing them both
more like you turning gay nigga lmao

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Why didn't she try stabbing the fleshy parts instead?
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LM soon
Because just stabbing the fleshy parts does absolutely nothing. She needs the joints and the neck to do any meaningful damage.
Mikasa is very dumb

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I knew it wouldn't be his moment or anything but c'mon brah.
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>Tien is weaker than piccolo's severed arm

Being a Tienfag is suffering.

I wish Zamasu had destroyed everything.
Okay, so, seriously. Do you think Toei:

A) Assumes people are assuming Tien is fucking strong, and are using him like Justice League Superman to show "oh shit this other guy is stronger than we thought." And they didn't realize it had the opposite effect.


B) They just fucking hate Tien for some reason, or they actually think he's that weak?

I can't think of another option.

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>tfw mahou shoujo as a genre is a thing of the past
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And it will not be missed
Shoujo as a whole is a thing of the past. Almost. Well, children's shoujo. We still get those pro-rape teenager shoujo.
We're literally getting another Cardcaptor season soon.

Does Koi to Uso contain NTR?
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Inb4 he ends up with the blonde because thats how it suppose to be.

Pretty gay

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Just caught up on this. What did /a/ think?

Liliana is best girl
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They both are top tier
The next Kuzu no Honkai
more light-hearted and pure than kuzu senpai

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Keijo was a good anime with an interesting storyline
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some fag threw a shitfit a few months back when i said the show was cancelled due to lack of sales

well, who's laughing now
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Pre-painted when? I want her to be my first purchase.
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very interesting!

Did she truly deserve it?
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Well then.jpg
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I wasn't too hard on her until she pulled that move to sit next to MC on that ride. She deserved every little bit of that BTFO moment.
>hate everyone who lost
>still feel depressed over the fact they aren't happy
Romance anime makes me hate myself almost as much as the "select until there are none left" captchas

Sansha Sanyou is really good.
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I miss Teru.
Nah, Anne Happy was much better.
I love Sonobe.

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muh slaves.jpg
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Why does every isekai manga have to have fucking slaves?

Is Japan so beta that they can't imagine girls willingly forming a relationship with them?
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In most cases they don't even fuck their own slaves. Japanese "men" are sissies.
Because it's literally another world based on the middle ages, you dumb shit.
You can literally buy a slave right now, from the comfort of your 21st century home.

Just because they fucking exist doesn't mean you have to purchase one.

Proof that anime can be objectively good?
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No such thing as objectively good.
I suppose there is. Mind posting an example though?
There is, not every thing constitutes of a subjective opinion. Otherwise humans wouldn't be able to agree on anything.

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Why is ponytail so attractive?
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it exposes delicate neck
Stop making threads about this whore

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