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"I keep hearing about this manga, I wonder why its so popul-"
oh nvm
>directly before the release
For what pupose

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not a girl.jpg
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Well, now that Boku Girl is over what am I suppose to read to fulfill my sexual fantasies? And it can't just be any old trap manga! Lets be honest, most of them are shit.

There was Prunus Girl, then there was Boku Girl, who will be the spiritual successor to these great trap mangas?

In terms of story Wandering Son probably is the best, and I know that Prunus Girl and Boku Girl are just dumb rom com type stories, but they were sufficiently romantic and had better art than most trap manga out there.

Please give me some suggestions, and if you don't have suggestions at least post some cute bulges ffs.
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Fuck off
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What are you a faggot?
What are you a newfag?

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Titsy Morgan spinoff when?
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Also from Suzuki's twitter.
A rare small chested girl.
I want a second season.
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I know it wasn't the point of the movie, but the lack of a romantic ending without a kiss or a confession or some shit bugged the hell out of me.

I need everything spelled out right in front of me. I needed this movie to give me more closure, not some open ended crap.

What are some good romance movies or shows with great closure for the characters?
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Boku no Name
Same, I don't know what the fuck went wrong with production, they have the confession in the middle of the movie and then nothing after that?
>rec thread
Fuck off and kill yourself.

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Would you date an Archdemon?
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That's a good joke, Habara.
Karasawa is a lucky guy.
Shut the fuck up, Habara.

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Is there any other anime character as pathetic and a loser as much as Chrollo is? He is a boss of terrorists that kills defenseless innocent people for no reason, he is a dirty cheater that has never fought clean or fairly once in is life, and he is a plagiarist that can't even create his own fighting moves but instead steals other people's hard work.

Also he dresses like a hobo that stole clothes from Hot Topic.
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Chrollo's the most twisted character of this series. He's completely alienated,the ultimate asperger sociopath. He was the one chosen to be the leader of the Troupe and didn't even decide himself, he just took the job as if it was his predestined goal and he didn't have anything else to do. He has no understanding of human feelings or desires and doesn't even know why he's doing evil as shown when he answered "Maybe it's the key to understand myself?". The same when he cries while reading the fortune, it's not real sadness, it's just that he felt like it was the right time to cry. His whole character quest is to gain humanity and emotions. he's like an empty shell, and I'm pretty sure Hisoka and Kurapika will be the ones giving him that humanity by killing all the people close to him. We'll see a cathartic Chrollo before his death that will make everyone sad despite him being terribly evil.

Maximum height: 155cm
Maximum weight: 45kg
Minimum age: 12 because lolis are children and that's cheating

>only 39kg

Imagine how fun it would be to bend her over things.
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If the internet can be believed she's 148cm and 43kg.
They actually bother to create height charts for characters but never actually use them when they animate. I hate this.
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Posting the original!

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Was it autism?
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she is olev
probably that's why i love her

How else can you explain her feeling sexually attracted to a card game?

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Chapter 16 Korean Scans are out: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/s3mdfBtgmPk

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This was a fantastic anime that was thrown under the rug last year. Up there with Valvrave & Cross Ange as so-bad-its-good anime.
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At least things actually happened in Valvrave and Cross Ange.
>Up there with Valvrave & Cross Ange as so-bad-its-good anime.
I would have said this after the first few episodes, but it got plain boring by the end. (As did Valvrave in its second cour.)
Not even close. I'm actually offended that you'd compare this trash to Valvrave & Cross Ange.

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So is superman now the strongest Manga hero of all time?
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Superman isn't even the strongest comic book hero.
Comic book heroes are far stronger than Manga ones. Supes and The Flash compare to Demon bane levels of OP
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Isn't this fat elf cute?
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She is the perfect kind of chubby.
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Man i'm loving this ride, even if I have to read it in vietnamese and don't understand a shit
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Kengan Asura_v08c65p158.png
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Caesar is pretty hype.
Mangaka made every character likeable, even the most douchebag and the relation they have with each other are really enjoyable
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Storytiming this week's chapter

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muri desu.png
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Pic unrelated.
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Mahoyo was released 5 years ago.
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And I still haven't dicked Aoko, what a tragedy.
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Best Mahoyo.
Waiting forever for the follow up.
Is it translated? Is it worth reading?

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