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>tfw lost count of how much anime and manga I've consumed
>still thousands upon thousands anime, movies, OVAs and manga I haven't watched/read yet
I think I'm slowly losing my mind here
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I've gotten to a point where I can't stand watching anything that's less than decent.
>watching that much anime

You should honestly kill yourself for having such shit taste OP.
Not your blog.

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Don t forget to buy manju!
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>Oh, you say my sister didn't show up
>Oh, you say bear man didn't show up
>That's weird, but I'll just keep quiet about this
The episode was off to a great start with the silly outfits bringing the silly Shirobako comedy back, but that part made me mad.
Is that code for vaginal sex?
>vaginal sex
fucking degenerate

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Daily reminder to avoid bad anime.
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You have the taste in your brown butt
>Panty and Stocking

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Why didnt ichigo end up with rukia? Saw this show a long time ago and recently found out about the ending.
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Shit writing
Ichigo and Orihime have the same hair color.

Clearly they were meant for each other.
I swear that's exactly Kubo's reasoning

Why is she unpopular? Anyone with a body like her would mean instant popularity
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Jesus, is like Megumin but with even worse design.
Nice try Yunyun, no one would want to hang with a friendless loser though.
She lives in a fantasy isekai where female adventurers with bodies like hers are a dime a dozen.

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How can Koe no Katachi compete with sakuga like this? Kyoani got outmatched in every regard by none other than Shinkai.
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Fancy effects don't take much skill. Koe no Katachi's character animation is superior.
That is actually watercolor animation, and Your Name has many cuts with amazing character animation as well, much better than Koe's at the very least. Don't try to pretend Koe is not inferior to Shinka's movie as far as animation goes, industry veterans and legends worked on it, there's just no comparison to be made.

It really isn't

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ITT: Protagonists that got laid
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he got cucked by his imaginary friend
wasnt it the other way around?
like hanzu was infatuated with the pharaoh but eventually realized she likes yugi

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The next chapter of Twilight but with lesbians.
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Time for another dump thread.
Please keep it bumped every now and then.
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Precure Thread
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I wish Kira would at least go back to the standard plot formula over this literal nothing happens.
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It'd probably be a little better and feel like it's going somewhere if they went back to having a mission to collect toys

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Whoops! Looks like a rogue mod accidentally deleted the Hiro sanctioned meta thread!

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I'm rather sick of the new mods/janitors. I keep getting banned for posting the same shit I've posted for 8 years
Stop using a thing from last year as a excuse to shitpost, retard.

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What are some other anime where the main character is the worst of their series?
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Pic not related.
I'd say it'd be easier to list the ones where they aren't.
Satania is the main character in Gabriel Dropout? I don't think so.

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>game system
>grinding system, no plot
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>>game system
>>grinding system, no plot
>it's actually fairly decent
That's called "slice of life" with some specific tropes. If you're looking for great plot you should just read something else.
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>special events happen in the world where monsters give more xp
>this is normal

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What does /a/ think of the current representation of elves in anime and manga?

Would you like them represented in ways that aren't too common?
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>Would you like them represented in ways that aren't too common?
With penises.
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>not using a transparency
I like that fat elf girl manga. It's hot as fuck and a nice change of pace.

Raws are out, waiting on translations
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