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Have you subscribed to Gowasu's GodTube channel?
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No, i´m just a filthy ningen
No, I'll never support those U6 commies
Updated for latest ep. Pic is too big to upload even as a gif


P.S. Yamcha letting Roshi rape Puar was fucked up

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Omg is best girl in tonights episode? I can't wait to get home and watch. and fap
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I'm ready for more best midriff.

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Next time, on Dragon Ball Super...
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t. Gine

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>It's an Isekai series
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>it's a fun isekai that makes fun of the genre
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>Isekai with the MC getting a harem
>it's an isekai thread

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I'm still waiting for a not shit fight scene.
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*touches your hand*

Tell me the truth.
I love you.

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Version 2 of Smugane's Miracle Great Emperor Plan is on the way. What could her endgame be?
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>implying she has a plan beyond "let's see what happens if i do THIS"
mamika best girl
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cutest creation!

>Implying I won't just shut up without saying anything when she told me to take responsibility

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went to shit after the first arc
Pic related happened after the first arc. Thus, you are provably false.
ichirukia fags don't understand that Ichigo jr. now has orihime's time reversal-healing/ shield ability. it's like they don't care about the possibility of a boruto spinoff.

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Did Toyo do it right?
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where all da streams at
gib stream lads

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Why did Maid Dragon flop?
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>miss flopayashis flop dragon
It got repetitive after a pretty good start. It was incredibly average overall asides from the animation
Kanna is irritating.

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Haha Azazelfags BTFO
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I want to buttfuck Rita gently
So much of a jobber he can't even woo a virgin.
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>God Emperor Chaorice foils Azazel's MASTER PLAN and he doesn't even know it
Charoice is literal perfection. Can't wait till be curbstomps that angels, and then kills Bahamut

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What did you think?

it was aight
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I think we don't need a Blame general.
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We are almost done, here's the final version so far, we only have 34 spaces left.
Our main goal right now should be to compare the characters with the other ones in the same line/column and see if they fit there.
If you want to suggest a new character, since we don't have many spaces left, try to argue about his position in the chart.
Any requests to move a character around will be considered but please use arguments and if nobody disagrees, it will be done.

If you have a better pic for a character, post it and I'll change

Previous threads:
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>Pick a character
>Do they suffer more than the character below but less than the character above?
>Do they deserve it more than the character to the left but less than the character to the right?
>If yes to both, character is placed correctly in relation with its neighbors
>If not, change accordingly

Then keep going until the chart starts making sense. Ideally, considering characters belong to different genres, suffering would be relative to the character and should be valued on how much of a big deal it is for him/her
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Misaka Deserve 40 not 55
And should be in the S:80 compared to the ones around her.

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Left or right?
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I would love her so tenderly that she wouldn't die.
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inb4 you bully her
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Why is Hibarigaoka Ruri so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

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How do you rate Touka's performance in the latest chapter?
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eto won.png
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But she didn't even appear in the latest chapter?
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you deserve the many yous you're going to receive

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