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What did Puar do to deserve this?
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He slept with Yamcha
fucked your mother
Be born

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Now that her smile is back, you better protect it properly this time, faggots.
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What would a romantic evening with Diana be like?

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Wow. Both her confidence and reputation as a recommended student were crushed into dust in less than 2 minutes. She then has to take an internship just so she can part of a commercial. I'm a proud Todofag, and I'm just gonna say it: Mineta can have her for all I care.
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Why does everything revolve around shipping with you people?
>...so she can *BE part of a commercial.
My B.
If it's about being part of a commercial, she should ask Lida for help.

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Accelerator on his way to the last page.
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>he will never be on the front page again
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I just want us to be good.
Friendly reminder that if you want to be the manger/co-manager/tester of /a/ go to the /a/ divegrass discord and ask around for any of the current management and tell them that your interesting in becoming the new manager.

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Do we still have art threads?
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I meant more like.. random drawings that are in anime style, but not from a specific series.

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>Aoki and an animator talking on twitter about chairs
The studio must be really fun.

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Tokyo Ghoul:re thread
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Uhm, it was obvious that Touka took advantage of Kanekis poor state of mind and basically raped him
Yes, a lot.
fake comments

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Read the guide before asking anything:

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Is this going to be the Meme Figure of the Year?
Nope, it'll be forgotten about soon.
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Got my payment invoice

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>Safeguards wanted to be friends
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Cibo is cute, CUTE!!
The cutest

Leave Vegeta to me.
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Best female kaioshin coming through
Who will lose first Universe 9 or Universe 10?

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new WN chapter is out
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Link to docs to links.
I wonder how fast this would be translated once Remon get his hands on it.
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Re: Life in Another World Beginning from IF

In the city-state Kararagi, one of four great kingdoms of the world, a young couple appeared. Supported by a dedicated wife, the husband spends his days looking for work, but it's just not going well. Mingling with the neighbors in their row house, and the people of the city, the couple slowly blends in to that life. However, that peaceful, boring time is coming to an end. The visit of an uninvited guest, the facing of a fate that cannot be escaped; to the couple, these were blessings that would become a turbulent beginning. Now, for Subaru Natsuki and Rem Natsuki, the story of the Natsuki couple's hard struggles begin... "I only hope... the mother and child are safe." ...This story depicts the aftermath of "Running Away", and reaches the ending of the IF.

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Stream Just ended

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Episode felt bit rushed. Also no cube snek
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>Akko's hat left in Andrew's car

what did they mean by this?

> bitches give me that uraraka baku fight, I want it
> here eat some fillers whole ep instead
> wait for next week faggot
Man this anime's horrible. HORRIBLE! Like this flow is so common baiting became cancerous af
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Then read the fucking manga.
already read it, I just wanna see shit animated
I'm afraid they'll use the ten chapters of the Stain arc in the whole second cour.

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What is this? No active thread about AOTS?

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tsugumomo pure heart.jpg
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What is your response /a/ ?
Today's is the perfume episode, right?

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Episode 7 soon

Her new haircut is cute.
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Dear God, please give me
>Alice's long hair back
>comfy SoL episode
>no edgy shit

Short hair is best hair for Sana.

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