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Can't hear shit.

>hot as fuck
>can secrete harmless slippery goo from anywhere on her body.
>can lower the pH of her acid to kill sperm for quick pregnancy prevention.

Sex with Mina would be amazing.
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I want to play with her horns
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She is not best girl anon
But what if she forces you do something you don't like anon? She'll melt your dick off. The rest of your points are excellent but it's pretty risky desu.

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Episode 8 in a few hours.
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Kotobuki is letting this guy do an end card for getting a bunch of retweets
Gourai kissing Hres when?
I'm a proud FAG fan.

Precure Thread
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I like Doki more than Kira so far.

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Nothing personal kid.webm
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>U9 is literally fucked before they managed to recruit 10 members
What happened? Lou blatantly told them their universe will be gone for good if no one joined?
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Meet your tournament MVP and new overlord, you filthy ningens.

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Steal the night that fell in slow motion!
The worn-out rhythm came out so from my squeezed heart
The afterimages and eyes that came into my possession while wandering
were muddily projecting out a transparent love
Even if burdened by the lonely, idle future; grinding your back teeth, advance!
Become the light that pierces the sky; gather the blades upon the star!
All the wounds that look like they might come pouring out, erase them into the distance!
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I remember that show, was a sold 3/10.
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Death will come soon.
I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I rated it in MAL. One of the biggest contrasts between how much I enjoyed a show and how good I thought it actually was: really dumb, with poorly-constructed characters and story, comedy not particularly good either, though I found it worked for me even if I couldn't say the punchlines, use of irony, etc were particularly well set up.

I did really enjoy the show though.

Why was Frieda such a shit?
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>Grisha is from tumblr.
Though you were nazi to the bones.
ArM is love.
I want to cum so hard down Hisu's throat in the morning that her breath smells of semen for the rest of the day.

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What was going on here?
Does February wants to kill Meteora?
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Hey man, I want to kill Meteora too.
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gomen gomen
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Don't we all?

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space akko.png
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C-k6xlWV0AAUSIu.jpg-orig copy.jpg
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You know, it's strange to me seeing Sucy as a normal girl.

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What is red doing wrong?
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Don't forget how she's been an ungrateful cunt towards Yuuya to the point where he'd rather get close to the walking book than her.
She is really boring
Every thread until the show ends


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Pic related, why did she took a lot of time to undress ? Stress or it was about was Kaneki said?
And someone said Kaneki was lying at last page, what do you think guys
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What Kaneki said*
She was nervous. She just didn't want him to know.
And lying about what? He seemed pretty happy to me.
It's a symbolism, anon. 3deep5you

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Pic related.
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Aoba is cute, so no issue
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All those crazy demons might pose a problem but otherwise I'm fine with this.
I'm Goku I guess

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Why aren't there more lolis in anime/manga?
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Because lolis make incels feel bad.
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There are already too many.
You don't want to go to jail, do you?

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New chapter's out

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Glad Demizu doesn't have to hold back anymore.
Emma is my wife.
>Yfw the last ten chapters looked plain because these luscious backgrounds were being drawn instead.

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big cute.png
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Best girl's backstory coming in a few days, are you excited?
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Whole Cake .jpg
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I hate pre-spoilers OP threads
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She's in.
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She's in

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