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Baby boom soon
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>Baby boom
Only if eldians bud.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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BRAYH a best.

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Chapter 1:
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i thought this was porn
this isn;t porn?

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Thoughts on Franken Fran?
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It was a really unsettling horror manga that turned into "cute girls doing weird shit" over the time.
Still pretty good though.

English release worth bothering it or should I just stick to the free Scanlations out there?
One of my favorite comedy-horrors.

All the covers were so ero, but none of that was found in the manga.
Older Sister (Gavril?) was pretty hot.

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Accel next volume
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Baphomet when?
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Do you guys think Mikoto believes in god?
She believes in angels.

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Weirdest moment in the entire series? Personally, I say Stray Cat. A cat dies, and is resurrected as a flower, that is also a Stand.
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Gappy's entire character and existence
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>The monkey trying to bang the little girl in part 3
>The awkward as fuck bath scene in part 4
There might be a lot of strange little things but this shit was really weird.

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Who is the most pichi pichi contestant in the Tournament thus far?
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Who do you think?
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right here

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It took many years for me to realise this, but Saber is actually the best girl. Rin, Sakura and Rider are only milestones towards enlightenment. This is why Nasu named Saber's route Fate; because it is our universal destiny to accept Saber as best girl and let her redeem us from poor taste.
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This is true. The only real question is how you even fell for Sakura over Saber in the first place.
How is it that, on the first watch,you did not realise that saber is best girl?

I mean, the others don't even come close...
>poor-quality Agrias knockoff

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Path of explosions
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Megumin is old and busted
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any drawfag willing to take a request of Kazuma and Megumin making passionate love like the spoiler?
worthless JC slut

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Why is he crying?
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no heir
He's in a shit show.
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Subs out...

Diana is truly the best Tsundere and the besti girl
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Forget Diana!
inb4 "I want to cum inside Sucy"
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Resurrecting an old poll

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Why is genderbenging manga/anime so uncommon?
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It's everyone's fantasy
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there is definitely never enough
theres really nothing left to do after boku girl happened

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Just my two cents here, having read the original manga when it initially released and having seen the movie and having just reread the manga, I feel both version of the story are heavily flawed.

The movie cuts many side character's plots, and while I understand that you can't include a whole 7 tome manga into a 2 hour movie, they should have probably cut out characters like Mashima and Kawai completely to add more development of the central cast. Ueno, and sadly Shouko, get the biggest shaft on their character arc. Ueno doesn't really getting sufficient backstory to explain her attitude, and doesn't get enough development to make her seem anything more than a total bitch in this rendition of the story.

In the manga, Shouko is shown as a girl who is unable to understand what people are trying to communicate to her (running parallel to Shoya's unwillingness to understand others), and confronts this lack of communication with self-deprecation and self-loathing. Her external "niceness" is just her trying to avoid expressing her own emotions and having others express their own to her. Both Shouya (who makes her express her love) and Ueno (who makes her express negative feelings). She isn't really the mary sue she comes off as in the movie, and there is a nice moment in the manga where Shouko contemplates a different and more positive scenario of her time in elementary school where she decided to react playfully to Shouya's teasing instead of deprecating herself as she actually did.

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While I think the manga is overall superior because the characters were more fleshed out, I don't think it is without considerable flaws. The best parts of the manga are the very human characters and the commentary on current Japanese culture. The latter is particularly done well, where we get an idea that Shouya was a hyperactive boy who bullied Shouko initially to get a laugh from his peers, and later to force a reaction after being confronted with her overly passive response to his teasing (Something which Ueno does similarly later on in the manga). Around them both are classmates who bully her in a more socially acceptable manner (contrasted with Shouya's bullying), a teacher who is indifferent to his student's plights, a teacher who's active involvement in intergrating Shouko turned down, Shouya's mother who doesn't discipline her child, Shouko's mother who is overly strict with her daughter, and Shouko, who is doesn't stand up for herself.

The manga afterwards shows how Shouko starts growing with her interactions with Shouya. She starts to express more feelings, love, anger, and joy. After she is saved by Shouya, she actively looks to communicate her desire to other people and eventually chooses her own future. This whole part is missing from the movie, particularly because here desire to bring everyone together falls flat without the movie subplot. it overall makes her seem less like the flawed character who desires to grow as she was in the manga, and more of a mary sue who is to pure for this world.

The failure of the manga, in my opinion, is due mostly to the forced dramatic ending (the whole coma thing) which feels like a cheap way to make the characters confront each other and their flaws. The manga keeps going after the movie ending, making for a very weak plot thread where both Shouya and Shouko decide to become hairstylists, with Shouko going to Tokyo from her own accord and with Shouya briefly considering going with her only to later decide to stay home and take over his mother's business as he's the only one his mother has (despite the fact that we later see both Shouya's sister and her husband actively present in their home, meaning he wasn't really needed that much in the first place).

The ending makes no effort to solve the romantic subplot between Shouya and Shouko (They should really have removed it altogether if they didn't want to address it by the end). It also doesn't resolve the pending plot thread with Shouya and his elementary school friends or the wrap up the plot threads of any of the other characters (Especially the ones that were brought up literally in the last volume).

Overall, I think the movie made a good move in keeping an open ended closer, but I just wish they would have kept more of Ueno and especially Shouko's arcs intact.

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I really dislike the last chapter in the manga. It's just everyone meeting up for a coming of age ceremony and doesn't even bother to give any insight on what the characters plan to do next. Considering Nishimiya left for Tokyo and Shouya stayed behind, I would have liked to have a big of closure on if Nishimiya even plans on going back to her hometown or if she was just going to be out of Shouya's life forever.

Honestly, I sort of wish they had made Shouya discover a talent he had while he helped make the movie, like being the one who wrote the script. Maybe having him realize he's a good writer and go to university to become a writer would have been much more satisfying than staying home to keep his mother safe.

Maybe have either Shouko or Shouya study something where they can better integrate deaf children to schools? Making the plot go full circle were we see a little girl similar to Nishimiya actually intergrated with her classmates would have be nice if maybe a bit cliched. Shouko's decision to become a hair stylist comes is only foreshadowed in two throw-away lines, one where Yuzuru says Shouko cuts her hair and another where she puts Yuzuru's hair up for the movie and someone tells her she did a great job.

There is also a subtle implication that Ueno and Sahara are lesbians lovers, so there's that.

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Character sheets and seiyuu are out for season two.

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Reminder that dragons are sluts.
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As if we needed reminding.
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Reminder that dragons are also retarded

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So some tracks of the OST are out, also anyone get the mega of the HD Blame! scans? I need it for wallpaper making.

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Goddess has the first 3 volumes of the digital Vertical release if that's what you're looking for
Digital version of the original japanese, I don't need to read it I just need the highest quality so I can get the best art scan off it.

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