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between sugarboy and best boy
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New thread

Old thread >>157464677
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How do you feel the void weekly bleach chapters left behind /a/?
What will the madman talk about on tv this week? Will he draw sketches like he did on past tv programs?
Imagine he announces a sequel with Kazui as protag?

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ITT girls only YOU have fapped to
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Probably the only one.
Fapping to the rhythm of drums is the best
I fapped to her 2 days ago

Today's the day. Dumping some anthology chapters.
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I want to fuck Lala.
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I mean, even indirectly. Ueno, Kawai, the teacher, the father, none of these redeems or suffers any punishment for their irresponsible acts. Everything just gets more stable when Shoko and Ishida (the victims) change.

So it's as if the author was saying: "if you don't want to be bullied, learn to communicate better".
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Yes I agree which is why I dislike the series. I also don't think the narrative focused enough on Shouko and her perspective.
The whole point is focused on how difficult communication is
It doesn't matter if it's fair or not here
>not blaming the victim
And you guys wonder why nips want to die

Why is Shiny Akko a lot cooler looking that Shiny Chariot?

Will we see it in the show (alongside Shiny Ballista?

Will we see Diana with her own Shiny outfit (that uses the Moonlit Witch hat)?

Would Trigger be based enough to give us any of this?
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>animated this scene and all of Diana's expressions, trained for it by watching the Anime Mirai short a lot
>promises a lot more highlights for Akko and Diana from now on
>also promises that we're going to be able to see more different sides and expressions of Diana from now on
Is Shiori Miyazaki literally OUR GIRL?
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Diana is cute! CUTE!
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Diana is getting married! MARRIED!

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This is your villain for tonight
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Stiyl is surrounded by sluts.
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When's her turn /a/?
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Reminder that Hidekanefags are so salty that they made a Tumblr dedicated to hating Touken
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>tokyo ghoul chapter 206
>ui: congrats kekneki looks like you passed V15 and destroyed the birdkeig
>every alive and dead chapter appears
>arima: omedetou
>akira: omedetou
>takizawa: omedetou
>kurona: omedetou
>Mutsuki: Omedetou
>touka: omedetou
>shirazu: omedetou
>furuta: LOOKS LIKE
>Rize: YOU ARE
>kaneki mum: THE
>kuzen: TOKYO
>everyone bows to the tokyo ghoul
>a huge detailed background appears
>everyone in /a/ looses their shit
>in the end, looks like this world...(kono sekai...) was The Tokyo Ghoulâ„¢(Za tookiou guuru teeh emuh)

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Shoko and Shoya.png
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This is the magnum opus of Kyoto Animation

So beautiful and so perfect in every ways possible. Yamada did great job adapting the 7-volume long comics into 2 hours
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You've done it now.
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Shoko's voice is so cute.
How can you praise and yet greatly insult this movie in just 1 sentence.

Motherfucker please.

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ok I will let it die
>changing cibo's origin story for no reason
>sanakan smiling and talking constantly
>no giant safeguard vs. hijacked builder fight
>toha heavy industries cut out completely

They should have made the movie a completely original story instead of a weird partial adaptation of the manga. It would have worked better.
The music was amazing, though.
>changing cibo's origin story for no reason
They changed the location, not the story itself.

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Guys I found Gowasus account. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp_-zEZfPDg
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Dumb fuck use the catalog or wait for the bump limit.
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>Hello everyone, this is Gowasu and welcome back to another episode of Minecraft!
>Today I'm going to show you how to create the village of your dreams
>First you mine for iron and then [...]
>ZAMASU! Stop setting everything on fire!
>ZAMASU! Where's my tea?!
>And that'll be all for today. Please punch that like button and subscribe!
Threadly reminder that SSB is NOT a form that surpasses SSG; it's simply an artificial SSG that can be reached without the ritual and doesn't truly transform the user into a god, but merely lets them have god ki for as long as they maintain the transformation.

Has /a/ marathoned all of the Slayers series?
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It's Slayers time
Claiminv my waifu
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What would you do to him?

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you better not be lying, because that makes me want to watch it
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It's alright

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Literally forgot. LIKE IT MATTERS
Shokugeki no Souma
The Promised Neverland
Boku no Hero Academia
Dr. Stone
Robot x Laserbeam
We Never Learn

>Viz is still behind on Bokuben
what the fuck are they doing? They even have less series that ordinary to translate and typeset per week and they still haven't caught up.
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>tfw Marie is gonna get axed

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