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Are japanese people really as retarded as depicted in this manga?
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Yes, everything you see in anime and manga is true.
Its full of forced drama.
>1 day after societys collapse
>90% of men are rapist psychos out of nowhere
So it's the usual everyone needs to be retarded for a zombie apocalypse plot to be any threat.

Does the manga have any other redeeming qualities? I think I'm done with it if there isn't anything else.

Why is she so perfect?
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This is my wife.
you posted the wrong sakura quest
I want to marry Riri-chan

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Hey guys, any good OSTs you'd recommend from the last 4-5 years? I haven't been keeping up with anime for a long time, think the last thing I watched was Parasyte.
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Anime's been shit for the past 5 years and so have the OSTs
Try klk and wanpanman.

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Anime got better
from triangle face to circle face
has anime reached perfection

What did Donova mean by this?
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>And this, is how you stretch properly before sword training
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How did we go from this

So, nobody is going to scanlate Shoodan?

We could wait for Viz anon, but he has dissapeared last weeks
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Niggastream and jaimini probably will.

Both of them said they aren't promoting chapters 1 anymore
Then wait for Viz.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't like it, but I love you all.
Except fairies.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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I am indifferent to it.

Goddamn you half Japanese girls!
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>Can't just be a foreigner with no Japanese blood
Stop this, Japan.
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
Do it to me every time.

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This man has never made a bad movie.
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He's made some pretty forgettable ones.
Why are moefags so sour?
I can only enjoy Ponyo if I'm under some sort of influence, otherwise it's just gorgeous animation wasted on a boring and dumb plot.

And Totoro is a little overrated. Not bad, but it's not exactly the GOAT everyone makes it out to be.

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This is fucking wrong
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what a gym uniform
I do not detect anything wrong with this image
What's wrong with this?

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I swear to God if they fuck this up...
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If they fuck it up you can just go back and rewatch the original. Don't be a baby.
Well, they already fired the director.
The fuck?

This is a long read, and no Tl;DR will be provided, but it offers a different view on the ending of Oreimo, and why some fans are as bothered by the ending as they are.

A lot of people, both satisfied and dissatisfied with the ending, have been discussing the actions of Manami (Especially her), of Ruri, etc. and how their actions influenced the ending that we saw. Yet Kirino and Kyosuke have gotten no sort of crap for the way they conducted themselves through the second season, and the way that Kyosuke treated everyone.

Keeping in mind the actions of Manami as a child, in telling both Kirino and Kyosuke the things she did, they not only seem forced and unnatural by the author, but it should also be taken into consideration she was a kid, as were Kirino and Kyosuke. Its something that, honestly, shouldn't affect their actions as pretty much adults and no excuse for the actions of the Kousakas toward the girls and toward their family. In the end, aside from telling Kyosuke that he was nothing special (that I can very much agree with is a dick move), Manami only ever said what is true. Incest is not seen as correct in society, it is not the norm, many people consider it unnatural. It's all she ever told the two, both as kids and adults, and its true.
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To be very honest I feel Manami got the chit for everything in that show. Objectively speaking, meaning, not favoring any of the girls, these are my thoughts:

Both Kirino and Manami were immature little kids. Kirino never really outgrew being an immature little kid, while Manami did. Manami always saw Kirino as a younger sibling herself, I believe she truly cared for Kirino, but when Kirino started getting in between, as she put it, her plans to be with Kysouke, anger and hatred began to surface for Kirino. this was intensified by the fact Kirino is Kyosuke's sister, had Kyosuke ended up with Ruri or Ayase or anyone else, Manami would be heartbroken, yes, but not angry, because it's something that could always have happened. But Kyosuke and KIRINO getting together is a complete curveball, siblings do not love each other like that, and that is why she felt defeated by something so rare and unnatural; she can't accept it.
Let us talk about the fight between Kirino and Manami, to say the truth, it broke my heart to see the two fighting, especially over a beta scumbag like Kyosuke, because as much as I hate Kirino and this show now, I don't want to see either of them hurt, neither of them deserved it. There were feelings between the two that had been building up for a while and they let it out all at once, unfortunately. If I were to be asked who instigated the fight, I would say Kirino, there was no reason to taunt and tease Manami for her feelings toward Kyosuke, and there is never a reason to do that to a girl. This is why Kirino reamins immature and childish in my eyes. She could have grown up so much in the span of the show, but she didn't, she's still just a bratty kid. Had Kirino been mature and made it clear to Manami that things are what they are, and although she understands why Manami would be hurt, it's still no reason for Kirino to ignore her own feelings, I would be very satisfied. Yet all she did was taunt her like a stupid brat. Can't say I blame Manami much for taking a hit at her, I wouldn't blame anyone, it's just downright rude. She could have beaten Manami at her own game, with the upper hand, by making her look like a dick and not allowing Manami to make her resort to a back and forth.
This only goes to show though that the main common factor in all the fuk ups throughout this season is not any of the girls, but Kyosuke. He's the king of everything beta, without a mind of his own and no balls to do anything but run away from his problems and hide behind his sister's skirt, all the while throwing everyone else into the curb like an old rag (Ayase, Ruri, even Manami). He's the worst kind of man there is, if he can be called one. During the fight between the two, it should have been him to interrupt and set things straight, instead he sat back like a baby and watched, let both the girl he supposedly loves (which is also his sister, so that's even more a reason) and his best friend take a beating.

In the end it's Manami's slap that summarizes this whole series and this ending. His actions (or lack of action) are despicable. He screwed three girls over, with he excuse of wanting to be with his sister, and after all that, after leading them on and throwing them to the side like chit, he messes around with her for months and pretends nothing ever happened? WTF is that chit? If you're going to be a scumbag, at least stick with the girl you pick. Kyosuke deserves nobody, maybe Kirino since they fuked everyone over together, but he is nothing more than that, a scumbag.

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>nobody dies
>nothing matters
>asspulling gets stronger each chapter

Does anyone actually enjoy this?
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I want Zeref back ;_;
Dying in this shitty series is the ultimate peace. Zeref has achieved true peace, a peace no other character will ever witness.
Is there an anime with a worst storyline than this shit?

Honestly speaking, i cant think of anything dumber than fucking fairy tail.

I read this shit just to see how awful it can get, and each chapter is another horrible surprise.

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sexy chinapussy.gif
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Chinapussy is the miracle of the universe!
I'm mostly alluding to Chinatsu Yoshikawa's tight, 13-year-old vagina, but the cat costume is also nice.
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That's pretty old in pussy years, some expire before that even.
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>ha ha i'm such a pedo do i fit in yet guise?

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What was she implying by those words?
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She was extremely cute. Worth a read for her alone.
I still don't know from what chapter this is.

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