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the 18 year old MC wants to fuck a 15 year old (beggining of the manga)
what the fuck
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And what is the problem?
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dont dick children
dick adults .
dick your wive .
but not your child
is this Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer?

Or is it just the same mangaka?

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How do you feel about NBR?

How do you feel about blood-related relationship when the blood relation is only from one parent. (Half-sister/Half-Brother)?
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NBR is a cheap excuse to have incest without having incest, and this is coming from someone who doesn't even like incest.
Full blood relation is obviously the best and most ideal situation but I can get down with half or NBR as well.
It's fine if they're cute, br or nbr imoutos all deserve love from their onii-chan

Hey guys, time for another storytime of this very weird manga.
Hop on in, anyone's welcome.
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>tfw someone says the anime you like sucks and accuses you of shit taste
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>ask for anime recomendations on /a/
>get told to watch boko no pico
>love it
>come back to talk about it on here
>find out it's just a meme
My life. Is a lie.
get better taste next time.
Just watch what you like and stop caring about what others think.

I never make fun of someone for liking an anime I didn't. I'm sure they can't stand some of the stuff I love. I don't see the point in arguing about it.

>/a/ hates SAO
>/a/ also likes Re: Zero, Re: Cretors, Log Horizon, No Game no Life, Accel World

What gives?
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All the shows you just listed are equally as shit
Some shit smells better than others
That's not /a/. Kemono friends and LW is also not /a/ but a bunch of employees.

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Scenes/Dialogue that made you drop a show
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inb4 "I love Emilia" Remfags
Holy shit, are you me? I literally just dropped this show last week on this exact line.
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It's out boys
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How do people fuck up the name and subject fields?

Also Juno went up a couple points for me.
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I never want to get off this ride

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Are we /spa/ again or some shit? Fuck off
More like Rei would be Atletico and Kaworu would be Real

Because you know, Kaworu always win
Can somebody translate this to American for me. Is this like Yankees vs Red Sox or something and if so which girl is which team?

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The bad news is that we're getting a terrible anime original ending.

The good news is YUGU A CUTE.
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I watched part of an episode and Kugimiya Rie has been reduced to voicing mascot characters.

That's how I started to hate Granblue Fantasy.
I can't even imagine a worse casual shit than Granblue, mobage is the worst trend in anime industry, even worse than isekai harem.
Add to the mix the fucking BOY mascot, and the worst and most irrelevant token loli, Io, in recent history and it's sub-Naruto level shit.
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But she also voices best loli. Just not in the anime.

*blocks your path*

>A-anon, where have you been? Do you want to go to the dance later? We're a couple afterall...

wat do?
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Rape her right on the spot until death, then roceed to go live my life like nothing happened
Push her into a train
A cute girl is inviting me to go out with her, what could possibly go wrong?

>DanMachi Gaiden - Sword Oratoria - 09 [720p]
Why is lefiya so annoying? why are elves so thirsty?
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Bell strikes me as a natural sub.
Why Aiz is so insufferable?
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Why is Lefiya so perfect? She deserves nothing but happiness with her elf girlfriend.

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So what are you expecting for next episode? will they show the full flashback of Zeke? will they make an original ending? will Mikasa rapes Eren in the flowers?
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Does anyone have the image of Gabi jumping out of the train in ch. 94?
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
I hope this doesn't happen but it might.

>Eren uses coordinate
>With this power there is hope for humanity
>Read the manga

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i'll bull"DOZO" your ass you little shit
I aim't dozin, now fuks the off beeeitch

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Why isn't this more popular? I thought it was really enjoyable.
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Nip otaku don't want pseudo-deep-looking shit that ultimately turns out to be about nothing anymore, since they have tons of that shit around. Nip normalfags never gave a shit about it in the first place, because it's shit for otaku.
Foreigners also don't give a shit about this shit.

So the only ones who give a shit about it are a very tiny amount of nip otaku willing to waste their money on this stuff, and an even smaller fraction of foreigners emulating nip otaku culture wasting their time talking about it here on this image board because they're kinda bored and have nothing better to do.
It was trash and only autistic faggots like >>158349859 enjoyed it.

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