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I want to impregnate Kotori, I want her to give birth to 4 for my healthy burds and I know her body, her fertile body is perfect for the task. I will not even let her rest the moment she gives birth I will be filling that fertile womb like no tomorrow, after the 4th lil' burd she gives me, I'll only be filling her for fun.
>give birth to 4
>I will not even let her rest

Let her rest or you'll kill her
She CAN take it.
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Again and again.
What is sex with a bird like?

But to be honest, I'd rather fuck Kotori's mom.
I don't know what sex with a literal bird is like, anon. I do know Kotori's body and personality is for pleasing. Firstable, her body proportions are well balanced and her sexy body is perfect to explore with your hand and/or tongue, it would be a pleasure to run your hand through her smooth and soft skin while feeling those sexy curves of hers.
Secondable, She is a sweet and caring girl who puts her friends needs before hers, that means she will look to pleasure her lover first, she'd be open for some fetishes but nothing too sadistic for the burd is for passionate vanilla sex.
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You know what you did to me right now.
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A Kotori fan?
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Kotori was such a bland character
Many people shits on her voice, but I on the other hand, love it. I think her squeaky voice is cute and balance out with her sexy body and it compliments her sweet and super cute personality.
And nothing would make me thrust faster and deeper than her squeaky moans as I repeatly hit her insides, I'd do her in a passionate missionary as she leglocks me, our foreheads touch and we look into each other with desire.
unfunny shit
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either is fine
This thread is about who you want to impregnate
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I want to make babies with her.
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Inaban desk.jpg
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On our wedding night.
but only after marriage
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Tomaru Sawagoe.jpg
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I thought shit threads got deleted?

Delete this already.
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Ritsu bed pijama.png
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Oh wait, wrong forehead.

I'd like to get to touch big tits someday tho.
My Girlfriend
>not wife
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The voice she uses in Yume Once Again is amazing and its in of my favorites but I don't think she's singing that as Kotori.
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