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How is it?
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It's alright.
S3 never

A bit of a let down, as far as the story goes. Other than that, not much has changed with the characters.

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It's best girls /sci/ and /lit/ chapter.
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She'll fall for him soon.

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Serialization is set to be resume this year and at the time there will be notification on magazine cover page
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What happened?
Author should just finish it already
Note: It seems like the next chapter release date is currently scheduled for Nov 24.
Perhaps author's thinking about how to draw the last arc?

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Is this the holy trinity of deconstructionist Plebime?
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I wouldn't lump opm in with the other two since opm is actually entertaining at times and it never ends up being pretentious garbage.
It's the holy trinity of "I watch anime and think my taste is superior but I'm actually a pleb"
none of these shows is a deconstruction tbqh

Lucky Star is the best anime to watch on a lazy summer day.

Prove me wrong.
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Good, sure. But the best..?
That's not Welcome to the NHK.
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Its always a good time to watch Lucky Star

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More Tsurezure Children seiyuu revealed.

>Seiichirou Yamashita - Chiaki (manzai couple)
>Akari Kito - Kana (manzai couple)

>Daisuke Ono - Hideki (college senpai)
>Maaya Uchida - Sasahara (astronomy club president)

Previously revealed:
>Inori Minase - Takano (shy twintails girl)
>Kaito Ishikawa - Sugawara (football guy)

>Yui Ogura - Kamine (slut with the mom hairstyle)
>Tomoaki Maeno - Gouda (volleybal player)

>Ayane Sakura - Ryoko (delinquent)
>Kensho Ono - Akagi (glasses class president)

>Haruka Miyake - Kanda (failed attempt at confessing through text)
>Kentaro Kumagai - Takase (also football club)

>Kana Hanazawa - Minagawa (tease extraordinaire)
>Kohei Amasaki - Furuya (i don't know, half of the guys are so non-descriptive)
>Haruka Tomatsu - Hotaru (Furuya imouto)

>Daisuke Namikawa - Katori (FABULOUS guy)

The anime is airing next season in Summer and it's by Studio Gokumi.
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>Seiichirou Yamashita
>Akari Kito
>Tomoaki Maeno
>Haruka Miyake
>Kentaro Kumagai
>Kohei Amasaki
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>Kana Hanazawa - Minagawa
So what's the story? Is it a compilation of short stories or a big anime where everyone meet everyone and shit happen?

What is the fucking difference between Macross and Robotech?
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Robotech is Macross (and like two other unrelated series butchered together) with the Funimation treatment.
This is Macross.
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And this is Robotech.

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Get hyped motherfuckers. This is gonna be a wild arc.
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I hope this is real. Don't fuck with me man I need my Erina.
But who's gonna be the VA?
>Akira Ishida voicing a white-haired pretty boy
Is he going to die from umami overload?

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Dumping ch70
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Post characters that you think are tomboys, but most people do not. I'll start.
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Chapter 68 Korean Scans:http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/NYd0rJ7TOJU
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Inserting a leg between his leg is almost rape. She was goin' to rape the lad.
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>by Oryou


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she should get that face tumour checked

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Kaiji is an underrated masterpiece
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I've yet to see a genuine shitpost about it here, and I've been here for a very long time.

It's not underrated. It's also fairly flawed. Third season never
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best moe show about over emotional jews
Flawed? Why would that be?

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Hard mode: no Keit-Ai
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90°W //pure white hood//

Several milleniums after humanity has long been mostly exterminated in a old planet where they used to live, a brand new planet has been created to start things from zero while continuing things that are left off in the history of the previous planet. It hosts over hundreds of pocket-sized city-states, or "estates", with varying geographical, cultural and political features, all of which is run by a single leader, commonly known as the Meister, enjoying immense personality cult whose supposed goal is to promote the new generation of humans through the renewal of natural breeding of living beings and material beings such as robots, cyborg and drones acts as guards to stabilize the whole planet. Amongst one of these is a seemingly rich estate known as Excessus: its unrealistic levels of political power favors everything that's right within the world. However because it possess such an heavenly aura that inhabitants from estates all around the world visit for its utopian environment in contrast to their poorer places of residence, it's actually just a misleading ploy for the Meister to use its own beliefs for the darkest of intentions. Excessus, like most estates of the new planet, are treated as client states for the Meister and is run by a corrupt family loyal to the Meister. Mashiro, born to a family that lives below the poverty line, has already learned the truth behind Excessus that surrounds him at the age of 6. He leads a small secret vigilante organization that steals the assets of the rich and gives to the poor. Because Mashiro is severely despised as a human being, he wants to create a paradise in which he envisioned it to be "classless" where everyone and everything are equal and seeks to avenge the Meister as he embarks on a long journey uncovering the truth of the world beyond Excessus.

The anime will be released in 2028 and will be animated in CG. Number of episodes is 24 but it split into 2 cours with 12 episodes each.
StarStripes girls
>the american bill of rights as represented by a group of magical girls,they fight monster laws and people that endanger american freedom and burgers.
thier personas are similar to the laws they represent
I. Foul-mouthed, yankee girl constantly challenging authority
II. /k/ tier gun-nut who thinks more firepower is the answer to any problem
III. Soft-spoken healing type who doesn't like violence
IV. Hikkineet conspiracy theorist who just wants to be left alone to her imageboards
V. Honorable, chivalrous knight-type who takes her code very seriously
VI. Speedster scouting type who enjoys keeping an eye on everything
VII. Ojou who views the world entirely based on money
VIII. Two-faced sadist who puts on a kind and caring outward face while secretly enjoy the torment of others
IX. Caring onee-san who believes protecting others is the most important thing in the world
X. Very average, everyday high school girl still just getting used to her magical girl powers

Together, they manifest the American destiny
Their adventures involves:
>Smuggling and helping counter-revolutionaries/contras and religious extremist
>Waging proxy war on asian country through agents and religious fanatic pawns
>NSA robots trying to take lewd pictures of them at the beach
>D.A.R.P.A spending on white elephants
Their enemies include:
>Chinese magical girl that copies herself powered by collectivism and the spirit of state capitalism
>gun controll bill is an actuial troll summoned to grab guns
>civil fortfechure & budget gremlins stealing money
>Domestic spying see nsa robots
>antifa stand user type powering hate speech law with human sacrifices
>ATF dogmen shooting people during raids
The hammers test

Our MC is a catgirl who is interested in making friends in her new class. She is very energetic, careless and also flat-chested. As a result, she often ends up breaking people's cherished possessions.

She stores damaged objects all throughout her home. These pieces of damaged furniture and other items scare her, emitting a strange aura due to their damages. She can see this aura due to the teachings of of her grandparents. They taught her that each piece of furniture and houseware should be respected.
One day the spirits guide her to an old magazine that features her grandparenents repair shop,now she desires to repair these items to honor her grandparents. she has no skills or tools.

then, she hears a loud hammering and the whirring of power tools coming from her neighbor's backyard. When she goes to look, she sees her classmates cutting wood and building furniture. Inspired by their skills (and big boobs) she asks the other girls if they could give her guidance in the art of furniture repair.

Every day she learns the ins and outs of DIY construction and repair, and uses these skills to restore her possessions, healing the objects' auras, and as her skills grow so too does her chest.

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Are you one of them, /a/?
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fuck ya
Are you not OP?
Sure why not, it looks a lot easier

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