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>cute (this is important)
>flirty, charming personality
>seiyuu is super charismatic and a great singer

She's perfect for a series like Love Live yet always ranks last in popularity polls. Why?
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Boring Leonardo-type.
Love Live characters arent good. They so poorly try to place an archetype on them and just run it. Poll toppers are usually ones people fap to.

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How do you eat this?
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I'm not quite sure. Maybe I should ask my friend Rin for instructions.
You just shove the whole thing in your mouth at once.
You have to be an idiot to not eat the head part first.

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What's the preferred video playback solution these days?
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Manually setting up MPC-HC with MadVR.
MPC-HC + madVR

inb4 the memepv defense force

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Nyamo and Yukari.jpg
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The eternal question that has plagued philosopher's brains since the dawn of mankind.

Nyamo or Yukari?
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Yukari would be a better gf.
Nyamo would be a better mother of your children.
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>being such a hag that you consider an arranged marriage
Nyamo on suicide watch.

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Why is racing such an untouched genre? You've Initial D and its sequels/spin-offs, Redline, and that's it.

Would the animation just be too demanding?
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>Would the animation just be too demanding?
Yes. There's also very few animators that know how to do that kind of mechanical animation left without it being 100% CGI.
well theres wangan midnight, but I havent touch that series after one episode. seems like anime version of need for speed or fast the furious.
Speed racer?

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Not very much in the anime.
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The only 10/10 in anime...
the fuck is this, a timeskip or something?

coconuts' hair makes him look older

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loli is for loves not lewds
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You're posting this on a board full of pedophiles.
just lurk, don't post
>reveling in degeneracy and masturbating to cartoons of little girls

Sad. You know you could be a normalfag too if you didn't do these things.

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Is it a bad idea to go on a thread about an anime you are watching but havent finished? I want to go on them but i also dont want spoilers. Am i being a faggot by asking this and not just finishing the anime? All great questions i need the answer to
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depends what type of show it is. Doesn't really matter for SoL stuff
Depends on how much do you care about said anime. If its something you are really enjoying and don't want spoilers then just wait until you have finished it.
If you don't give a shit then go. There's a great possibility that you'll get spoilered.
I post in threads about shows I haven;t even seen.

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Is there anyone that sympathizes with this character? If so, please rethink your outlook on life.
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She didn't deserve to die tho. She should've gotten the development Saionji never got.
She looks dumb.
Munakata was the only good new character.

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Did someone lose their waifu? I don't want to take it to the pound, I might just keep it of no one claims it.
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She seems to be really friendly. Does no one want her?
I'm sorry, but I already got one. Money's a bit tight at the moment, so I can't afford to feed two. I'm sure she'll have a loving home with you.

What have you been feeding her?
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poor renge.jpg
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>Cue Sarah McLachlan

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Thoughts on this bae?
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Don't you dare to defile an Aizen thread you maggot.
Isn't he like totally dreamy?
Too Good for His Series: The Villain

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Who knows the story A Dog of Flanders?
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Fuck this dumb fucking stupid fucking cunt.
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No u
Who this?
The tasogare girl?
Would if I could. My parents have probably already given up on grandchildren anyway, I've got nothing to lose.

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he literally did nothing wrong
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agreed. his only crime was acting like a lust-filled highschooler, which is perfectly acceptable given his the situation.

but perma-virgins here will disagree.
He stuck his dick in crazy. Brought it all on himself
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His only crime is giving in to the demands of a bunch of lascivous sluts.
Had they behaved like proper ladies, nothing would have happened.

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