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Did you enjoy Kare Kano?
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No, since I didn't watch it because my heart's damaged enough as it is.
Watching it right now, it's pretty good m8
I got about halfway through it and lost interest

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Free kisses for everyone!
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Even me?
I'm first. Enjoy your second hand kisses from me fags.

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How come, after 8 years, Madoka is still a relevant show?
Was it ahead of its time?
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It was just exceptionally good and passed most people's expectations
>8 years
Do you need me to teach you how to count?
No, just incredibly well marketed. Shaft and Urobuchi went in for the long con with Madoka and it paid off in spades.

Why is there no thread for the new BAHAMUT EPISODE?
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Not enough Levi.
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Episode 108 in a few more hours.

Was she right?
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I don't know
Could you repeat the question?

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What did you think of the last episode?
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its kinda going off the rails with the reveal of the antagonist's "plan".
One more anime with a good setting and interesting characters that shit the bed with a retarded overarching plot.
I dunno, dropped it around episode four for just being generally terrible.

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Just watched this for the first time, I can't think of many things more over rated than this.

The visual production is spectacular. For 1988 this is the cream of the crop. I can tell that every idea and concept is perfectly created. They did great.

The soundtrack conceptually is fantastic, but in execution it falls short. There's literally a song that goes "HOTDOG HOTDOG" and then has random ass whispers and snake noises. The choir that was cast is underwhelming and really fails to do the compositions justice. Every time a track was added to the scene it barges in and distracts you from what's going in. Whether it's the "AAAAAAH AAAAAAAH BUM BUM" or the "HOTDOG HOTDOG."

The plot is bland.
>guy crashes into some x-tike
>somehow he has superpowers now
>lol he's the strongest
>oh no he is being taken over
>now he's getting big
>shot literally devoted to showing how big his nads are getting
>mary sue character goes full retard and gets pulled in
>professor x's bastard children save him
>we parallel universe now

I feel like I wasted money because I was too lazy to find it illegally.
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Turn off your brain when you're watching this movie. You're thinking about it too hard.
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Stopped reading right there. Everyone knows the manga is 10x superior to the film. You're supposed to just enjoy the film for it's amazing animation.
Too lazy to find it illeaglly? its on youtube in multiple formats and languages

try and guess what show this guy is from
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There's not as single fragment of a frame in Eva people won't recognize OP. Try something else next time.
Boku Genesis Picogelion
nice double dubs

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Now it's your chance to make your dream of living in Japan and work as low wage slave animator in some anime studio.

>Japanese government to start fast-tracking select foreigner workers in “Cool Japan” professions.

>There’s a pretty big crossover between the groups of people who love anime and the groups of people who dream of living in Japan. And while it’s definitely true that life in Japan isn’t always like the life depicted in its cartoons, it’s equally true that if you’re an anime fan, Japan can be a very cool place to live.

>So the Immigration Bureau of Japan is about to get a lot of Japanophiles’ hearts aflutter, as its announced that an upcoming overhaul of its regulations will make it possible for foreigners working in anime-related fields to obtain permanent residency rights in Japan after just one year.

>Earlier this year, the bureau unveiled changes to its “points-based preferential immigration treatment for highly skilled foreign professionals” framework. Under those new rules, certain foreigners working in three fields (advanced academic research activities, advanced specialized/technical activities, and advanced business management activities), who previously needed to spend at least five years working in Japan before being considered for permanent residency, could now obtain that coveted status after just 12 months. In 2018, the Immigration Bureau will be expanding the loosened restrictions to include a fourth field: foreigners whose professional activities are related to anime, fashion, and other modern/pop culture sectors of the economy.
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>The goal of the program is to promote the spread of Japanese culture to the international community through the efforts of Japan-based foreigners. But while this may have you ready to pack your bags and tell your landlord you’ll be moving to Japan, there are a couple of key factors to keep in mind.

>First off, even under the new rules, permanent residency for “Cool Japan human resources,” as some are calling the classification, still requires at least one year working in Japan before you can apply. In other words, you’ll need to find a way to get a foot in the door of Japanese professional life before planting both feet here for good.

>Secondly, while there are a lot of words in “points-based preferential immigration treatment for highly skilled foreign professionals,” don’t forget about the “highly skilled” part. The Japanese government isn’t going to start handing out permanent residency to each and every anime fan who wants to walk around Akihabara shooting videos to share on social media.

>The Immigration Bureau evaluators look at factors including an applicant’s educational background and years of professional experience in their field, awarding a number of points for each category. Those who score 70 points can be considered for permanent residency after three years, but to be eligible after only one year, you’ll need 80 points. Also part of the evaluation process: your annual income, meaning that you’ll need to display some sort of proven earning power for your line of otaku-related business, and with an annual income of 25 million yen (US$225,000) only netting you 40 points, even that enviable salary won’t be enough to get you permanent residency all on its own.

>Still, more lenient requirements are more lenient requirements, so if you’ve ever aspired to be a professional otaku in Japan, that dream is about to get a little more realistic.
doesn't change the fact that most weebs don't speak Japanese nor can they afford to live there
>annual income of 25 million yen (US$225,000) only netting you 40 points
That's never happening for anyone working in the anime industry then.

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These threads are so pointless nobody ever cares about actually analysis the designs from an artistic perspective or the personalities from a written one. They just post their dumb waifus over and over no matter if they fit the criteria.

Why even bother with these different shit threads all the time? Just start a 24/7 "Post random pictures of your waifu for absolutely no reason General" up at all times.

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wasn't ready for that....
The op for this was god tier

Duets are always the best

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best selling manga.png
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>The three best selling manga are all from Shonen Jump
>Exactly half of this list is from Shonen Jump

Gentlemen, how do we kill Weekly Shonen Jump?
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Sales-per-Volume would be a better metric.

I guess the others don't hold out on series as long.
Normalfag stuff never harm anyone
Gotta have a starting point
isn't it dying

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Which way? Which way can we runaway to, Kaname??

I’ll make a route, follow me and don’t fall behind.

Yes, yes sir.
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There are 4 monsters!

To Breakthrough I’ll go-

Through the front.
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Hey hey
Even after eating my bullets aren’t they afraid?

If the bullets aren’t piercing his flesh
I’ll punch holes through his eyes.

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Heaven or Hell?
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Why did you make third Louise thread?
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that is not funny the author is ded

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What the fuck was his problem?
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it's simple anon, his mom was murdered and his blind sister was left alone
so he goes on a crusade to avenge his mom and make the world a safe space for his blind sister. Then after being close to victory he finds out
>his mom wasn't murdered
>his sister wasn't blind
Idk but /a/ loved it and it makes me sad.
The Offspring wrote a shitty song about him:

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