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Why was it so awful?
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Anno ruined it with his voice acting. It also took from EoE with the whole thing about your reality and dreams being at the end of each other. If I wanted dreaminess, I'd have watched Paprika.
But it's his best film.
I loved it.

Why is it so common for characters to drink beer first thing in the morning, does Japan know that's a sign of alcoholism?
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Japs don't care about becoming alcoholics
I do it too, but I also hate my job and the city I'm living in. Living in a megalopolis like Tokyo while working a shitty job must be terrible, so I can see why Japs would drink all the time.
I'm more intrigued by their acceptance to go out for drinks after work on a regular basis

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It's almost here symphobros

Hopes? (other than Maria being killed and Kanade resuscitated ?)
Personally i want another scene like this

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More last action hero.
he died for real
Hibiki being manly.

Real men don't die, even when killed.
He uploaded his consciousness into that computer chip.

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I don't like where this is going.
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Will be she princess-carried?
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The pacing for this match is kind of really bad isn't it? I mean the match against Franklin was long, but at the least it made sense seeing all the shit that was included, here it's a bit too much.
>tfw your hatred for football is so big it's making reading this series straight up impossible

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>read vanilla romance manga
>slowly becomes cuckshit

Every damn time.
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>complaining about cuckshit in a manga where the MC isn't a cuck
Netoraserare is the best h-manga in existence.

I wish there were more manga where the guy wants to get cucked by his waifu
His gf bathes with other men.

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What's with the influx of haruhi threads? I'm not complaining but still, did something happen?
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3rd season incoming.
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Must be the endless summer
/pol/ is invading /a/ with hitler threads

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Guren Kaina!
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As a chuuni kid, I tried my damnedest to get this technique to work in real life
I still try it from time to time

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Having one cunt character is fine, but isnt two pushing it a bit? Ayase isnt even hot
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They are not cunts, you just have shit taste
>Ayase isn't even hot

Shit taste, Ayase was best girl.
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>calling best girl a cunt
Holy shit m8, are you looking for a fight? Because you've fucking found one. I dare you, bitch nigga, tell me who your favourite Oreimo is, I bet it's some basic bitch cookie-cutter character like Kuroneko. Spill it. Don't make me hunt you down, you little faggot.

anyone else like the original dragon ball best?
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It's a nice little story. I wouldn't mind if the Dragon Room released some more stories about stuff like that. The Legend of Muten Roshi or something. It'd be nice to go back to that kind of shonen manga.
I do, good taste OP.
Yamcha is the original cuck.

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Are these the perfect female bodies?
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to bend over things and fuck
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Shark-toothed and fanged lolis are a miracle of the universe
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Of course

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Post manga that deserves an anime adaptation
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As if anyone could do a good adaptation of Dorohedoro
They would really need to nail the art style
too easy too fuck up

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Kimi no na wa is better
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Well duh, Kyoani is shit.
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>he watched kimi no na wa before the blu rays were released
>he didn't go to the theater with his girlfriend and his son

Z or Kai for a first time viewing?
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Read the manga instead
>Kai is faster up until Buu, Z is more consistent.
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>Z is more consistent.
Consistently full of filler?

Watch Kai. It's DBZ minus the filler. If anyone tells you otherwise, kick them in the throat.

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sassy lost child.jpg
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so i just watched this, is that all there is? is there anything more even in manga form?
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Yeah in the chapter after they all go on a boat and then go on hiatus.
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Google is your friend. Use it.

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