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Just how large is his dong?
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A godlike being for sure
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When will Touka impregnate her?

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New PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9xgxT-BiFs
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I hope it's good.
It's not.
You're in for a disappointment then.

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Someone please explain to me how Cocona left Pure Illusion and forgot about Papika if she spent her whole childhood in PI with Papika
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Bad writing
That explains alot
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I love the OVAs, but is the anime worth watching?
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Abso-fucking-lutely. It's AOTY.
Not really.
No, it's garbage that caters exclusively to Redditors like >>158816659.

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Who are the sluttiest boys in anime, /a/?
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Every MC.
Super slut coming through
The teasing was strong with this girl(boy).

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Do you remember this?
i'm japanese TRG is not popular in japan
I want to know the evaluation of overseas

※I used translation app In fact, my English is worse than this
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>no wide text
why do I feel like you're lying
I think it's a lot more appreciated in the States
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The art style and design of the show helped gain it sort of a cult popularity.

Rolling Girls has its fun parts, but the story is fucking incomprehensible and the animation is incredibly inconsistent.

Pic related is best girl though.

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So it was implied they fucked,right?

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>tfw DFC BTFO of cowtits once again

How will cow udder lovers ever recover from this?
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I remember when /a/ could so math.
I pity people who can't enjoy aesthetic and cute flat chests one day and some soft healthy chests the next. One day this petty quarrel will end and you will all be enlightened.
ugly drawing.
looks like it was done by a shitty drawfag.

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Sell her to the local pedophile and raid her gamer fuel stash.
punch her in the face

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Chapter is out on MangaONE app. Dumping raws with rough translation.

>Good thing I came running. For some reason I thought you might be here.

>Destroying everything that comes into contact with you, huh… I don’t know what happened, but…
>If that’s okay with you, we can talk-
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>Come on now, calm down.
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>What is it? I too became strong, right?

>After looking at you, I started thinking I’d also do my best.

>You bought a bouquet, I see. Not bad!

>You’re gonna confess, then?
>But it’s too dangerous for you to go like that.

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Congrats dude. I fapped to you're waifu, by the way.
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What does /a/ think of Free?
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no homo/10
Great series. Horrible movies so far.
Fun series that triggered the fuck out of moefags

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Behold, the Anal Queen
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>Anal Queen
B-but that's not ______ !

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This is my wife.

What do you want with her?
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I want to impregnate your wife while you watch from the corner of the room.
True happiness is having your wifes lips around the root of my cock.

I wanna fuck you in the shit chute while >>158814503 fucks your wife on the other side of the room.

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Why was it so bad compared to the original?
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It wasn't, please localize your autistic personal crusade to /m/
Finished 0079 yesterday . It was ok some episode and scenes felt kinda dumb and pointless i guess 7/10 is what it deserves, should i even bother with the rest of the franchise?
no its all shit just watch macross

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