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Is CG the future of anime? Will it replace drawing animation?
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I doubt it, but I how there's another season of Tesagure in the future.
No and no
Toei will find a way.

Toei CG take on Kyoani blob.

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Is an anime director as legitimate as a film director? What is the difference in skillset?
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Live action I meant
Anime directors are artists and therefore very often have better understanding of composition, color, movement, character design, environment, etc.

Film is a great medium with great people behind it but if animation wasn't so hard, so expensive and so time consuming there's no question that it would take over film. So to answer your question, they are as if not more legitimate, in my opinion. That's why every time someone tries to make something animated or drawn into a live action film they shit the bed, cause they can't do it.
Usually takes the same level of work. While anime directors often have to give rough sketches of every shot they want, they don't have to deal with shit acting, stages and "cuts" as often, so the workload becomes the more or less the same. Anime directors might have a tiny bit less work per show, if anything, but they get more shows to work on, so really, it evens out.

As far as the importance of a director goes, anime directors has more, as their work is entirely imaginative. They require understanding of a lot more things before they can create something truly good.

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name a more based duo than grimmer and lunge

i'll wait
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Me and you're waifu
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Dandy and QT

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Why is Shiburin always so fucking angry?
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Daddy issues.
It's called terminal bitchiness. There is no known cure.
Because she gets raped by monkeys?

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The Promised Neverland Ch 53.jpg
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Spoilers are out!

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I think it's a test
But he says that he killed his friends/family
Why would he tell them that first, when he could just kill them all?

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Do you have any guilty pleasure anime, whether it be for nostalgia or other reasons?
For me, it's Sonic X. Trash animation, trash OPs and EDs save for the second one which has some pretty visuals and a cute song, but the nostalgia factor is way too fucking strong, especially with the second season adapting plots from the actual games that were coming out at the time.
I'm talking about the sub, obviously. If I had to watch the 4kids version sober I'd look for the nearest noose.
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Code Gay-ass
Fate Kaleid.

Fuck that show is hilarious. Chloe calling Illya pathetic when they sucked face for the first time had me rolling.
still better than the fucking awful boom show.

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There is a severe lack of medical animes. Where the fuck is my anime about a Japanese high school student who loves human biology and aims to become a doctor?
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Fuck off, newfag nigger.
an hero
Sailor Moon, if you count Ami.

But that's not what you're looking for.

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shomin sample ep 6 A.jpg
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we're starting with this fucking terrifying ronald wcdonald
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shomin sample ep 7 A.jpg
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sword girl got her own episode which was good. I don't think she got enough screen time before-hand
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shomin sample ep 7 B.jpg
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What's her personality type?
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Stacy of the worst kind
Wannabe Stacy
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Outwardly nice and perfect girl who hides a nasty personality which she is only going to share with whom she trusts.

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Honest thoughts on Fate?
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F/Z is the best entry
That rod doesn't even have a reel on it.
They don't all have reels on them.

What we thinking of this again?
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I get more Hotaru and Sayaka, so I'm hyped
They were thinking what I'm thinking.
>More Sayaka
He hasn't heard

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i agree
True but Junko < a good girl. And Mukuro < a good girl. BTW. Do you think Mukuro could have become a healthy, good person if you had removed Junko?
She was still a freak who ran away from home to become a child soldier.

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We already had a red Saber. Did we really need another one?
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We are Legion.png
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There are never enough Sabers.
Don't worry about it, it won't be long until we get Assassin, Rider, Berserker, Lancer, and Archer versions of Nero.
Morderd is just a homunculus, a feikah. She doesn't count.
Nero is the True Red Saber.

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Why are anime characters monogamous? In harem anime, the point is the guy has to choose ONE girl.
Why can't he literally have a marriage with more than one? I don't think the japanese never ever practiced poligamy and they don't really follow western morality.

Why are there no anime with a poligamist portrated in a positive light?
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maybe people dont want to share the person they love dumbass
Poligamy is common troughout loke 3/4 of the world.
Historically it was almost the norm,after "sexual communism" in pigmy-tier tribes.
>Historically it was almost the norm
no it wasnt you stupid retard

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This is the best Baka Test girl.
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Never heard of her
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ganpuku jaaa.jpg
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s3 never

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