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Girl of the season.
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That is not Hifumi. But Konoha is a fine pick too.
Agreed. Perverted dfc twintailed imouto is too good.
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Pick one
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Read the sticky.
>/a/ has a sticky now
oh shit

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I wanna fuck Ritsu and cum on her forehead.
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>Ritsu always mains Magilou
Good taste?
Do it faggot.
I wanna Ritsu to fuck me in the ass with strapon and force me to eat my own cum.

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Is Touma going to die?
Taichi better suck his dick if he survives, the least he could do
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Touma deserves his own gay isekai
Anyone here who can read nip?
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>it just ends with touma dying

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>Cockblocked by your own teammates

Being Touma is suffering
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Oh shit, I should have actually finished the chapter

The less dangerous cousin of truck-kun strikes
will this end up with best gay ending for everyone?
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The God of Destruction of the universe where Redwall, Mouse Guard, and many Disney and Don Bluth movies took place in.
It seems so long ago when we thought him and Sidra would matter in some capacity.
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oah hoh hoh hoh

What are the diferences between the manga and each iteration of the anime?
Which one focuses more on him battling stuff like a good shounen protagonist should?
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The first has an original ending. The second just goes full Shaft and makes shit up.

Neither of them cover anything beyond the first, what, 10 volumes? And there are over 30.

The battle shounen aspects are pretty much completely cut out of both adaptations. And the live action.

Maybe they'll fix that with UQ Holder! and give us actual flashbacks? Who knows.
guess I'll keep reading the manga then and just hoping uq holder will be good. Thx anon
The first series when it gets to Kyoto.

Shaft version had more fights compared to the first series but you had to wade through the SHAFT humor:
>Chupacabras XDDD
and most of the fights were random shit where each girl had a 1/3 chance of drawing a dud card.

Just a couple OADs go into the Magical World battles.

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Posting Horikita everyday till /a/ admits she's the best girl
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Sakura > Kushida > Ichinose > Cripple > Kei >>>>> Horikita
You don't need to. I already like Horikita most, anon.
Poor man's Yukino

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Seshiji o Pin!.jpg
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Has this become it's own anime yet???
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Because it was axed months ago?
It's dead Jim

Post anime you think are alright but people pretend are extremely profound just to make their taste seem more sophisticated than it actually is
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If its an anime that meets that description it would probably be on /a/ so often that making a thinly veiled recc thread for them would be pointless. Take the dick out of your ass.
GitS and Patlabor movie2 (so basically exposition heavy Oshii movies), Texhnolyze, Angels Egg and most of all, this isnt even a competition, the original Yamato which is just a straight up worse version of 2199.

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>Yeah, there are a couple slices left.
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a best
You're gonna get fat!

Her butt's already ripping her clothes.

What is Junji Ito's best work?
I like his artwork but Uzumaki looks kinda boring (idk how long distorting everything with spirals can still be effective) and his Fragments of Horror was good but kinda hit or miss.
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Uzumaki was good though, if you haven't read it yet you should give it a shot.
A deserter in the house, no fucking doubt.
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Hellstar Remina.

>make celebratory 10th anniversary anime
>have it be about some obscure racing shit involving side cars that nobody cares about
>pack it with too many girls
>have the Ange Vierge director/writer duo handle it
What the hell SL?
Literally who even wants to fucking watch girls in tight racing suits make tight turns?

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Forget watching them make tight turns, I want to see them crash and burn.
>they have notTakumi as their coach

We Initial D now.
>Male coach
Fucking bullshit.

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Why was such a thing allowed?
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Fuck off.
I don't know, but I wish ecchi and comedy (and ecchi flavored comedy) were as frequent in more shonen like they were in Dragonball.

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What did Saber do wrong?
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She multiplied.
How did she have a son if she is a virgin?
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Stopped growing

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