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I'm only watching the English dub and reading the manga so I haven't gotten to Kale yet. Is this character as stupid as I think she is? Can Toyotaru fix it?
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How long did it take you to find that pic for your thread?
Like 30 mins
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>Is this character as stupid as I think she is?
Probably worse than what you seem to be expecting, actually.

>Can Toyotaru fix it?
If he fixed the power scaling by making it clear how strong she really is it would be a big help.
In the anime she goes from having her energy blast deflected like no big deal by her SS2 mentor in her introduction ep, to not being hurt at all but also not managing to hurt SS2 Goku either when they fight. Cue in the infamous SSB kamehameha she tanks before being blasted out by Geran and knocked out of her transformation (no injuries shown though). But then she is treated like she isn't a big deal, with Goku telling her to get stronger before they fight again and a few eps later him being all excited at the prospect of him and Hitto leaving each other for last so their match can be the decisive one, meanwhile she is literally a few meters away watching the action and nobody pays her any attention, not even Champa.

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>TTGL reference
Xebec confirmed for bros.
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You can't be this much of a newfag, can you?
I think you fundamentally overestimate the people browsing /a/.
The majority of /a/nons has never watched the anime where the scene originates from.
Nah I'm personally 100% confident this is bait

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I am best girl.
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Of a shitty show. Congrats.
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Gabriel Dropout > Dragon Maid
>gab dropout - 7.58
>dragon maid - 8.22
>implying gab dropout is better

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Opinions on this cutie?
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Moe and attractive, but bad character in a bad show
She's ugly and her show is crap
what kind of toys does she have? what is her damedame level?

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I just finished Evangelion and End of Evangelion for the first time. I liked it a lot, and i want to know what all the /a/ssholes think about it given that i dont visit /a/ very often.

Also, who's up for Fanta?
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It's not good, eva is overrated. Terrible girls and beta MC
a very large amount of anime have beta MC tho

How old are you anon?

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Why aren't you holding her /a/?
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I wish I could, Anon...I wish I could...
She's not real ;_;
No way in hell I get in the robot.

Is it ever worth it to stick it inside of crazy?
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just dont get her pregnant cause she will ruin your life

Wear a condom.

Wear ten condoms.

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In universe it's Blackboard's since it's so versatile. Out of universe it's probably Law's, Kizaru's or Sugar's.
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The gas fruit

The organic, locally sourced one.

Support your local farmer.

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How do I get a husband like Shiro?
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dumb frog poster
You hate him because you ain't him
>Japanese autistic ginger manlet
Otaku are dime a dozen in Japan. Just get one of them to dye their head red and you're set.

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Would you?
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I'd irrigate that desert.
Yes I would.
Kill them?
Yes, I would. Especially left one.

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I want to fuck this girl (male).
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Reminder: Traps are gay.
When I was in the hospital this kept happening to me because I couldn't tie one of the knots. Felt like a whore because of it.
Did it make you feel hot and dirty?

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Why is this show admired?

The animation quality was at times enjoyable but the narrative was complete drivel, often predictable and nothing in this show stood out to be as harrowing as the themes. Maybe it's meant to be viewed as a battle shounen but if that's the case then it does a pretty poor job at justifying the various character's strengths. If Bradley can slice a slug in half then shouldn't his thrust shatter anyone's arm that tries to parry? Obviously it's not a battle shounen but if the focus is story then what's with the convenient ending? It's not much of a sacrifice if Ed no longer needs or wants alchemy anyway. Etc.

This show felt like a jack of all trades.
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What's the movie in the middle
"The 2000 Yard Stare," a famous painting by war artist Tom Lea

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do you.png
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Do you?
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Man that's a spooky finger
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is chokay.png
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>tfw you hate loli but love tall girl dfc
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DFC is life
tall is love
Its called "pettanko" you fucking gremlin.
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Tall + flat = justice

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Who is the biggest cuck in all of anime?
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Whats this guy's deal?
Shinji Ikari, obviously.

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