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I'd fug, but wouldn't hug
Even Sakura less slutty than her.

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meme hair

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This is a highschool teacher. Why haven't you transferred to her school yet?

Episode in 5 and a half hours. Where do you think this episode will end?
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>Where do you think this episode will end?
With me ejaculating.
Only once!?
Would be kinda nice if the men (not the boys) in this serious were not homosexuals and actually showed interest in women. Seriously. Al Might must have pussy thrown at him daily and yet he has that smile on his face probably only interested in kicking ass and training deku.

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Why is yuri so powerful?
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Yuri can become a god or a devil
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Not as powerful as the cock.
just girls watch yuri, they seem to like homosexual themes

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i havent seen a single kokoro connect thread and its nice to have one i guess
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First for best girl
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wrong picture?
Don't worry, I corrected it for you.
Inaba is overrated.

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Zach7551's Doraemon Thread!
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This is a thread dedicated to the japanese anime/manga franchise, Doraemon, created by childrens manga master Fujiko F. Fujio.
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My excellent modeling skills, even for how old i am, (im 12)
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How was this allowed?

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What's she holding /a/?
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Cherry Onigiri?
1.44 MB of porn.

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Do you think Near would have been able to catch Kira without all the prep work L put into the case?
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Near sucks dicks. Laziest fucking character. Just change Ls hair color originality and move up one letter.

Would be interesting to find out he's a high functioning autist or something
01No. Near is the closest to L they could get and even then he is too passive, he wouldn't be shit without Mello who also got pretty close by himself.

why is this shitty anime so praised?
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The manga's good. I don't know if they fucked the anime up somehow.
Name a better recent battle shounen anime.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Boku no Hero Academia

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Is true about girls talk about dick of their crushes when they are in only femenine groups?
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As a girl (male) I can confirm that all I talk about is dicks with my female (male) friends.

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Let's have a comfy thread.

Please try to discuss the manga/anime just as much as the games
Or else this thread will get nuked
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>talking about games on /a/
>not talking about anime on /v/
Why not both?

The fuck? His name is Enzan

What are /a/'s thoughts on this man
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he shouldn't have molested his student
Great character in a not-so-great series.

Does Jin ever use his smaller sword in Samurai Champloo? There are so many times where it would have been helpful.
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Pretty sure the smaller swords are solely for samurai to commit sudoku. The traditional way.
The wakizashi is for prying open locked treasure chests.
Tanto is for Sudoku, Wakizashi is emergency weapon, Katana is for status, Naginata is the true samurai weapon.

Just recently started the slippery slope of anime, heard this was a good one and I just finished it today. Was pretty hype, I know it's old as fuck so I was wondering what was /a/ like during it's prime?

And general discussion too

Mako was meant for Gamagoori damnit but i'm content with the endgame
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Mako did end up with Gamagoori though.
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Kill La Kill saved anime.
oh shit, guess i shoulda payed more attention during the credits

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Bunny Girls are for ...
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big black cock
Where are her nipples and vagina? I she some kind of incomplete sexbot?
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The manga art is so awful compared to the LN.
At least the manga will cover volume 3 soon which is where the series really takes off into borderline hentai zone.

Sucks the LN translations basically die-
>Just went to the TLers blog and he put up a post today
Well nevermind

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