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Have you ever prefered a native dub over the original? Names them here. Mine is pic related. Dutch dub is the best version.
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No, I'm not gay so I always prefer original language.

>Implying you weren't introduced to your chinese children cartoons through native tv
>Dutch dub is the best version.
They are allright, but if you heard one dutch dub you've heard them all.
They literally use the same handfull of people for every dutch dub and they barely even try to change their voice.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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forgive me[\spoiler]
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I am the fin of my fish.

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Reminder - Cakes and Milfs have been here from the start and will never go away.
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They should just give up and die like I have.
these threads been feeling pretty empty lately

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Dear god WHY is this Anime so BORING? You remember in Star Wars I II and III how half the movies were stupid Galactic Senate/political things? Now imagine Sword Art Online but with dumb political shit like that. This story could have been so good, but instead they cocked it all up with snooze-inducing garbage.
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All of Star Wars is Garbage and disliking all political shows because of Star Wars is like disliking all Drama because of The Room.
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Perhaps you prefer high paced fighting anime like naruto instead.
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This shit is absolutely ridiculous, not even rape doujins have a story centered so much around sex.
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The art ruins everything.
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chapter 19 korean

is hamon ever used again after joseph uses it in part 2 after a long time against one of dio's stand users? i mean, will hamon ever be relevant again later in the story at some point?
i just watch the anime and cant be bothered to read the mango to know atm. but i know there are several arcs after diamond is unbreakable.
pls no spoilers
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Gyro uses hamon to control his balls.
>hamon users stay healthy and look young even when they have become really old
>Joseph becomes an old useless retard
>anime only
read the manga
it's cause he wasn't actively using and training with hamon after part 2

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Whats with the trope of indirect kissing?
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I dunno. Why don't you ask Misaka over here.
Nip culture is so neutered that it is like a degenerate sexual act to them.
How many people drown in Japan annually because teens think CPR=kissing?

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shit that really fucking pisses you off
>character gets slanty eyes after becoming evil
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>Smugfac antagonist appears
>male character walks on female character changing/showering
>they laugh it off
>american episode
>jewish music starts playing

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Start playing ping pong.
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Don't make me kill you again Zakuro.
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>new chapter out
>7 pages long

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>devoted to you
>spends every waking moment to say how grateful he is to you
>is a great dad
>a family man
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He's be the worst love love intrest. Right as your climaxing during sex he'd whisper into your ear "I love emilia"
>you as their love interest
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>Kind, helpful and polite
>Capable, levelheaded and quick-thinking
>Very beautiful and with a really ample bosom
>Great at cooking and housework
>Heir to a high-ranking noble family
>Skilled warrior armed with a weapon that can slay immortals

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The God Hand is a blatant ripoff of the Cenobites from Hellraiser. Miura is a hack.
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The whole series is an Evil Dead ripoff,
Miura is a hack for plenty of other reasons than that
of the all the things to call Miura on, you chose the worst one

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So, is MPC-HC dead or not?

If so, what is the go-to media player for Windows?
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Install gentoo
mpv or IINA if you're using osx.
>So, is MPC-HC dead or not?
What makes you ask that? The answer to your question is no.

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We can all agree KyoAni is the best studio right
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>Air, Kanon and Clannad are good
So, basically the source material is weak and if not backed up by technical excellence and eyecandy, it can't make it on strength of story alone?
If you're gonna wave Kyoani around as the best studio, at least pick something like K-On or Koe no Katachi instead of Keyshit to represent that

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Why does anime look like shit now?
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Maybe because there's a lot more coming out now than ever before. Instead of having a fantastic movie or ova come out every so often, we have a constant stream of about 30 tv shows every single season.
>muh skin tones
kabaneri had 3-4 skin tones on all the characters and it looked bad
>we have a constant stream of about 30 tv shows every single season.
That number keeps growing. The number of shows produced is a relatively constant upward trend, with the only notable drop being after the 2008 financial crisis. It's great, and it's too bad nostalgiafags are incapable of divorcing themselves from their intense hard on for that thing they watched when they were first getting into anime.

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