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Remember scrapped princess?
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I remember it being fantastically average.
It was great, then it turned to shit.
So I guess that averages out.

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>watch anime
>it's shit
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I've seen that reaction image used a lot lately. What's wrong with that blonde girl? Why has she melted?
That's why you read manga.
The power of Christ no longer compels her.

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spooky ougi.png
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What's the current status of Ougi? Is supposed to not be a real oddity anymore, since Darkness stopped going after her?
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thank you spooky ougi
Thank you spooky ougi
Ougi a girl?

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OP - new chapter
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page 2
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page 3
We boat arc now.

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Hi, why is LWA so gay?
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Not gay enough.
It's not gay at all. The only thing that could possibly be construed as gay would be Episode 8. Even then, that Sucy was going to be killed, just like the Sucy that wanted to shove mushrooms up her own ass.
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Whoever thinks this is gay clearly hasn't watched enough all girls cast show.
Come back when you have your character singing about wanting to fuck each other.

Is there any genre in anime that has absolutely no good titles in it? I honestly can't think of any.
Harem - Monogatari, Urusei Yatsura
Hentai - One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, Belladonna of Sadness
Battle Shounen - Fullmetal Alchemist
Ecchi - Cutey Honey, Woman Called Fujiko Mine
Isekai - Visions of Escaflowne, Now and Then
Yuri - Revolutionary Girl Utena, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Yaoir - Gankutsuou, Yuri on Ice
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Horror only has "so bad it's good titles" like Mayoiga or Another.
Is Yuri on Ice actually good or do people just like it for the gay?
I've never seen any discussion regarding the events of the show.
Most of those are adaptations, if we go purely original there are many genres lacking even a single good entry.
I don't care for gay either way and I'd say it's good.

With horror we've got Mononoke, Perfect Blue and Berserk.
There are about half and half adaptations and originals on that list, so you're pulling that our of your ass desu.

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I want to have a Guru Guru thread.

Can we all just kind of dump art and talk about the show?
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What is this, Dragon Quest?
Well, kinda

This show unironically my AOTS. the misunderstanding in comedic way actually bearable
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Yeah it's great
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Chad carry the show.

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Watched it at least four years ago. Kinda shitty plot and story, but I enjoyed it a fucking lot.
What does /a/ think about BRS, both the series and the OVA?
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The OVA is pretty good.

The less we talk about the Okada anime the better
saw that kind of remark a few times already
why the hate against Okada though ?
She's a rather mediocre writter who is pretty decent at what she does, but completely fucks up when taken out of her comfort zone, see BRS, Fractale, Mayoiga

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How do you go from this...

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...to this!?

> how did we go from small scale combat to mountain shattering, I didnt expect that? I mean yeah sure madara and hashirama fighting and completely changing the landscape by rerouting rivers and creating valleys was brought up from the get-go, but how was i supposed to know that therell be powercreeping???
Naruto probably is one of the most consistent shonen in existence. They tell you shit is gonna happen very early, and people are still surprised by it later on. How did you think the two rerouted rivers and created valley? By digging?

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Why do people like Speedwagon so much? He's fucking useless and does nothing of consequence besides redundant commentary.
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He's the American dream made manifest

>loyal as fuck
>goes from rags to riches
>company he makes helps the jojos for centuries
>true foil to Dio
Only underage retards that sprout memes every 2 seconds like that character.
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R.E.O Speedbro.png
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Kei is.png
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Wait, so is Kei gay or not?
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No one knows.

Also Moyashimon has really detailed art.
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>feel bad that he's short
holy shit, when will they learn?

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Anyone else miss when shows were frequently 50+ episodes?

Almost every new anime is only 1 cour, it's not enough to connect with and care about the cast, only 10 anime airing in the past 2 years have been somewhat memorable
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No, I can barely keep my attention with 1 cour and most anime don't have a great story worth telling over 50 episodes.
Fuck no. Most of those episodes were filler tier bullshit with bad and rushed animation that had no real bearing on the core of the plot. 24 episodes is more than enough to tell a story and even then many writers drag things out because they don't have enough material.
I don't mind short shows, I just hate it if they only adapt a tiny part of the story.

Might as well not make it, instead of being such a cocktease.

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TL is out.
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Do people just say they like this because they think it makes them appear intelligent? Every LotGH fan I've encountered has actually been a fucking idiot.
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Have you watched it?

>complains about idiots
>"spoonfeed me daddy!"

Just watch it, it's great.
The only negative is that the animation can be a bit shit at times. They re-use frames a lot particularly in space battles. Everthing else however is amazing. The character roster is large but I think the pace it enough and make them visually distinct so that you don't forget who people are. I guess the length can also be a bit imposing but that's more of an opinion.

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