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how do you guys keep track of new manga that are released? these shitty extensions ain't cutting it
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press f5 on the catalog to see if theres a shitpost about it
local manga store near my university
By not being autistic? Just read a manga after a few weeks again when you remember it. If you don't, it wasn't worth reading anyway.

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>perfect live action adaptation doesn't exi-
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Is a perfect adaptation of a shit manga a good movie or a shit movie?
Liar Game is not a masterpiece, but it's far from shit though. The ending was retarded, but other than that it was a perfectly good manga.

The jap live adaptations was decent. They had a few changes and the editing was kinda weird, but it is acceptable. Reborn sucks though. Haven't seen the koreans one yet.
I think it tells something about the quality of the adaption that I couldn't make it trough the entirety of the tv series. And I tried, for the longest of time. There's something irredeemably trashy about low budget live action adaptions that takes a lot of the immersion manga had.

The male mc was a pretty decent casting though, other than that it hardly had any redeeming qualities.

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Let's have an honest to god discussion about this show. People hyped this shit up, but I thought it was a letdown. What did you anons see in this in the first place?
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The two sluts are hot as fuck and the few fanservice scenes were p nice, but the actual plot was boring just like the manga. No one fucking cares about the candy autism advertisement.
i can think of two big round reasons
An empty nutsack

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And she's too embarrassed to squat in the woods.
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drink it
How is that my problem?
i've literally never seen anyone discuss this show's plot

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By God no, just no how did this happen.

My poor heart.

This is just sadism.
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>reddit anime
>reddit spacing
Like pottery
>reddit anime

Oreimo was mainstream as fuck during Fall 2010. It was an everything and everywhere anime, not a reddit anime.
chill dude i'm just memeing. I was here when best girl won :^)

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this is a japanese cat.png
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What does a strawberry marshmallow taste like?
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Like marshmallow strawberry

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Why did she lose?
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She wasn't up to the challenge.
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Goddammit Shinichiro.
Hiromi was better.

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Left or right?
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Left for marriage.
Right for hardcore raw rough sex.
Right on left
Left is my pure wife, so left.

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Considering adaptation of the original series died years ago, is there any hope to be had for the new blood one day? Especially considering it has a quasi-sibling aspect
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Yes, S3 soon.
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The OG series is apparently getting some new books, so I could see it getting a S3 if and when the adaptation for the sequel story gets one.

They could do that one first, and when Holo is back in the spotlight they could announce a S3.
I'm working to try to fund season 3.

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Which of them resonated with you the most and why?
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Kirito from No Game No Life
Kyon from Full Metal Alchemist
Touma from Toriko. The way he (justly) punched the fuck out of his ingredients was incredible and very inspiring.

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This fuckin guy
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My favorite from my middle school years

Americans' perception of anime must be really strange to japanese people
Your sight
>discover series when I was 11
>think he's the coolest motherfucker of all time
>16 years later still think he's pretty badass

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This is the best KyoAni girl named Kanna.
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Nothing about tamako market can be called the best of anything
It's one of Kyoani's better works. Tamako is a gift from the heavens.
You are almost right. KyoAni is a dogshit studio but their best girl is still Mugi. However, if we look at characters that werent adapted from some manga or LN then yes, Kanna is indeed their best original character.

What does /a/ think of JS idols?
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JJ idols are better.
What does /a/ think of JC idols?
They're the best.
They're second-best.

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Only like 6 people watched this show
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The Chosun Few.

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ugly trash
New game was always borderline shit though, overtime is boring to watch
>sameface moeshit with no plot
It was shit from the start

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