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I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be seeing in some of these. Use of black and white?
Shaft did yu yu hakusho?

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>WN has importantant lovemaking scene
>Adapted LN has it too, even has illustration
>Manga just skips it entirely
Fucking manga adaptations.
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Everyone knows the manga version is always thw worst version
Post the illustration then
>expects the manga to faithfully reflect source material

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Jojoke thread
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Why did this shit ass character have to be introduced?
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To get some of dat lolicon cash
because she's the best keion
Because she's cute.

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There hasn't been a nigger said in this manga, so it's definitely wouldn't be by Tarantino.
Wait 'til they get to the jail
Guess I won't be checking it out then.

Why would a full time employee have to "take the weekend off"?
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Six day work weeks were very common in Japan until recently
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>amerisharts find it strange to take weekends off
Yes, it is strange. You are automatically given the weekend off in most Respectable full time jobs

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Is the TTGL dub any good?
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watch it and find out.

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The only good dubs are these, now fuck off, newfag.
I've seen it before a couple times but I never bothered to check out the dub. Now I'm trying to show it to a friend who says he'll watch it, but I know he'll pay more attention if it's dubbed, and I want him to like it.
If the dub is notoriously awful I'll just make him suck it up, but if it's fine I'll slog through it. I remember hearing something about it before but I can't remember whether it was good or bad.

What would you order at Nakoya?
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A slice of alettas sweet ass please
I dropped this show after like 4 episodes when I found out every single one was going to be the same
>magical individual/creature/whateverthefuck from the alternate world finds the door to the restaurant
>orders food
>proceeds to orgasm and describe the minutia of every flavour
>this experience alters their life forever
its a simple comfy show thats clearly not trying to be anything other than it is, I like it

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I've been re watching through the series of z and i've wondered something that I could never really figure. When Ginyu switched with Goku's do you think they still could've used their own techniques? Like even though Ginyu couldnt use the kaioken in Gokus body could he still use the milky cannon or vise verse with goku and his abilities. I mean Ginyu could still use his change ability so maybe he could? Im not certain about it.
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i think all DBZ attacks are just energy shaped into different forms and colors, so techniques are only limited to a fighter's own imagination. im pretty sure "learning a technique" is the same as "making a blast look and do the same as this other one"

so yea ginyu probably could do any of his moves in goku. after all, he did use the change bodies technique while in goku
So the solar flare and kaioken are still fair game?
the answer is that Toriyama is a class A bullshitter and was literally just making shit up as he went along.
trying to analyze it too deeply will turn you into an autistic DBZtard with no life.

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Why is she such a huge cunt?
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She's sexier than galko and she knows it.
That doesn't matter because Nikuko is sexier than both of them.

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was the F/A adaptation shit?
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The source material is shit, so obviously the adaptation will be shit.
They're doing their best. Last episode in particular was quite kino.

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Pic related.

Mirai Nikki.

This is like death note on steroids.
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Macross could be pretty interesting desu.
Akira by Sion Sono
It would make for a great comedy

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ITT: Post characters whose actions were justified
I'll start
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Griffith did nothing wrong
Yeah I'd also not let my daughter date my lesbian pedophile best friend

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Are you girls Japanese?
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We're not girls
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All anime girls are white. Including the three in your picture. Pic related, the whitest anime girl.
Post Umi looking disgusted

>has at least basic medical and medicinal skills
>goofy and fun-loving, but can serious up when needed
>is pleasant to be around; not a bitch
>can hook you up with her delicious brown friend and said friend's fuckhuge arsenal

All in all, an underrated waifu.
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Triage X isn't nearly as popular, but is much better as fap material (its main use).
Triage X has the benefit of having an author who didn't A) quit and B) die.

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