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>cute sexy blond American is into you
>ignore him
Better bro things out with Odin than enable the crazy stalker.
Kevin is our guy.

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Which Ama would you gami?
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Ai is Ai.

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What do you guys think of Astral Buddy so far? I think it's nice to have something on a lower scale going on since Railgun is most likely about get crazy with it's new arc. Junko is also a nice protagonist, not a bad choice at all.
On another note, I like how the mangaka keeps in touch with the fans. No other artist that works with Kamachi really bothers, outside of occasionally posting designs.
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Too easy, level 5.
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What was the poin of Touma losing his memories in the first episodes?
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Maybe the yuri shit should be ditched, also some actual action wouldn't hurt and I hope we get magic stuff involved too.

Search for already created threads before you start one yourself, it'll probably die on its own before people decide to post

Name a duller and boring love interest/main girl.

Protip: you can't.
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Megumi from Saekano, easy.
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The entire point of Saekano is Aki learning that Megumi has never been dull or boring, but wonderful and exciting all along.
It's just that he never saw it due to the unrealistic standards put forth by visual novels.

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nug in 1440p.jpg
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You don't hate her.
You say mean stuff about this little ball of joy because she gives you such strong emotions.
You wish you had a cute and fun imouto like her, but you know it will never be true.
So you bully and threaten her to mask your true feelings.
You love her.
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I want to stick it in her hamster mode butt.
this is joke, yes?
What if Umaru was your big sister?

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Toki chapter 15 TL is out. Dumping.
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that outfit...
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waiting for Toki
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mini skirts and garter belts
made for 5th graders

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I'm looking for a place to download or stream the uncensored 1080p version of Parasyte and I'm not finding anything. I used to watch it on kissanime, before they went to shit. Is there any other place I can watch this version of it?

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Ban incoming.

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Is "Your Name" good, and should I watch or read it?
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Fair enough
according to /a/ it's complete trash and a waste of time
so yes you should watch it

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Which Shoku would you geki /a/?
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Erina, in the butt.
All of them. I want tosh back drawing porn.
Impregnate Alice and take responsability.

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Is it any good? One of the few shonens I haven't seen/read in recent years, but I know nothing about it. Is the anime any good? I'm not going to start 100~ episodes if it's shit, but is it worth a watch?
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OP here, also I watched the first episode from that one crossover with One Piece
Watch and find out faggot.
Read the Manga.
The anime was really half assed by Toei animation.

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it's time for more suffering and healing
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surprisingly, gateau september issue is also out on the usual places
>Latest chapter has 6 pages only.
We ten count now.
Is that unicorn?

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What did you think of the new chapter /a/?
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Probably it's a test/ruse.
I doubt that so many chapters passed for nothing in return.
I would love it if the kids offed the new guy out of desperation, then having to live with the guilt of having human blood on their hands, but I know it won't happen.
He's right though. There are too many characters and it's high time for a culling.

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This was the best Amagi girl
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Too skinny.
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No but all Amagi girls were precious.

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What is he looking at, /a/?
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>he (female)
But looking at the new anime with disappointment.
You mean it's gonna be even worse than the first one?

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Have you realized that Ryuko was a bad MC yet?
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>She got raped by a sailor uniform as early as episode one.
She had heart pupils, so it doesn't matter.
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