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It's Saturday, and yet again time to party all night with your fellow /a/nons!
Post gif/webm of dancing anime grills
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Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, mixed live by our best DJs!
We're live at untzti dot me
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Ai yai yai yai Saturday night

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Why is it that Rin is one of the most attractive Fate girls even though she has rivals like Scat, Jeanne and the likes? Are the memes powering her up?
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DEEN Rin was closer to OG Rin and actually much cuter.

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Feed me a stray fat girl!
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sorry this is all I've got
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How fat?
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Bon Appétit.

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When did Yugioh the anime go downhill? I want to say that it happened midway through Battle City.
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Battle City was great though.
Wasn't there a guy who loses in battle city by drawing to many cards despite everything going for him
That's how Yugi beat Pantomime
When you started watching the dub

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Is it too late to stop her from getting a second season?
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You literally can't stop this nugget
the threads are gonna be such a shitshow
More Kirie when?

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Just 3.0
I really enjoyed the second one of rebuild.
Yes. Just watch it.

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So, who has the strongest brows game?
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inb4 mugi
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eyebrows guy.gif
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At what point did this series jump the shark for you?
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When this dude showed up at Kurono's school I began having my doubts about how the manga would proceed, and whatever arc happened after it (don't remember) was likely the tipping point.
I can't remember when and I don't know why I read through the entirety of this garbage. The entire thing was a fucking mess.

Inoue Orihime thread
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How do you think she felt when she has sex for the first time?

So what is going to happen to Strike Witches franchise now?

Should we expect Noble Witches anime or after Brave fiasco there will be nothing for a long time?
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The OVA just came out and there's multiple manga series running. Love aint dead yet.

Why does everyone jump to Noble Witches anyway? I'd rather see a Sumous Misfit Squadron adaptation.
We saw Aurora and Hasse, so maybe we'll get a Witches of Aurora OVA next?
I want a proper Brave Witches series before anything else. The 501 got two seasons, three OVAs and a movie, so it's only fair to give them another shot.
Only if they remove that failed Yoshika abortion from S2.

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Sakie has some nice ______
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students that are senseis gf

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Is it okay to date an elementary school girl if she's taller and looks older than you?
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No because she technically has the mind of an elementary child.
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Elementary Giant.jpg
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But she looks like an older girl
>she looked 18 to me officer
The fuck do you think

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Akio released chapter 15 of Toki
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"old enough"
File: 15-03.jpg (544KB, 979x1408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dumping her classmates
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Attack on Toki.

Am i the only one who thinks this form looked cool as fuck and was underutilized?
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Is cool as fuck, too bad it always get left behind by some new transformation (ss4 or ssrainbow).
I hate the eyebrows
What eyebrows?

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What's the Dandiest Moment in Space Dandy?
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The entire episode.
Death Planet

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