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what was her fucking problem?
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They retconned her rape so hard her rapist didn't even have a penis in her rape scene so that it couldn't even be speculated.
Raped by a dickless dude.
That meme .gif where a katana fucking cuts through another sword.

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Does /a/ like suited girls?
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They are best girls.
Yes I do.
No they're shit.

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Did she deserve a route?
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Who? Was that girl in Tsukihime?
She was like Sakura (she had a crush on Shiki) but she ended up dead in every route
Actually, yes. It made more sense than curry at least

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Name a single character that can even TOUCH Giorno Geovana

>You can't
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Dio and the world over heaven
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Nanase is the best current Jump heroine
too bad we won't see more of her for much longer
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Give it to me straight, doc. How long until cancellation?
If this gets cancelled before cross account I will bomb wsj hq
Wtf Shudan is one of the best shonen jump right now

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The wind is troubled today
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>tfw no literary cringe waifu
Greatest love story of all time.

Will this movie ever be topped in this decade?
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Patema Inverted was better
It was topped by literally the next anime movie that went after it.
It's not even in the top 10 of the decade.

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Objectively the eradication of Gurren Lagann from existence would only improve the anime industry, along with the public execution of every member of Studio Trigger in a violent and humiliating fashion.

All fans of that show and that studio should also be forced to have one eye removed for that sin.
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>he says while posting monogarbage
The irony is palpable.
What is your reasoning for this claim?
This. Gatarishit has ruined the industry.

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Have we finally forgotten about her?
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My wife Megumin a cute
re:ddit still exists
Forced meme girl

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More like (((bang)))
You're gonna carry that wonk

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Why doesn't KyoAni make compelling anime anymore?
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Because they keep adapting shitty source material of their own IP.
they have money on their mind
Hibike S1 was very compelling, Maidragon was pretty good.

> Excalibur is a Divine Construct, the pinnacle of holy swords, and the strongest holy sword whose equal is the strongest demonic sword Gram; one of the ultimate god-forged weapons, a Last Phantasm, forged by the planet as the crystallization of the wishes of mankind stored and tempered within the planet.

> It is said that this sword, born (raised) in the inner sea of the planet, exerts its true power only when an enemy that threatens the planet emerges.

So fairies shit in their pants when they saw saxons, and give Arturia DAT fucking sword, and Avalon, to protect the britain from low tier invader.
Do someone know even 1 well know saxon? Me neither.

And she still lose?
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She only "lost" because her people were weak and stupid and were undeserving of her leadership.

Lost to zero lancer
Lost to magic-boosted teacher
Lost to Bazett
Lost to true Assassin + black shadow
Lost to Rider + rho aius
Bad end : Lost to half-dead teenager

But it's because her masters were weak, right?
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> Lost to zero lancer
didn't use her Noble Phantasm and she didn't even lose
> Lost to magic-boosted teacher
if Kuzuki didn't retreat, she would've rekt him. Snake Sensei is a one-trick pony
> Bad end : Lost to half-dead teenager
how is it a loss, when Shirou practically killed himself and she was still alive a minute away from regenerating herself?

Real girls dont go out without panties, do they?

Why anime keep pushing this thing on every show?
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My mom told me she went out without panties once and managed to catch my dad.
STDs are serious business, anon.
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Nopan is my religion.

How can such a violent and horrible girl win?
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you know not everyone hates tsunderes. you do realize tsundere doesnt mean evil, right?
she cute
It's the hair, it's too good.

Are hair intakes a thing of the past?
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Did the hair intakes die?
Good show, I miss that shit.

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