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What are you working on?
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Regretting sound effects exist
and that I figured I'd clean them all off and now have to stick with it for the rest of the volume
Come on, anon. Just ignore them.
Don't alter the sound effects, they're part of the artwork. Just provide a little fx note next to them.

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This is a trainwreck like Valvrave, only less entertaining.
wtf i love Altair now

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What is your favorite anime? What is your biggest fetish?

Maybe we can find some correlation.
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I don't see the correlation.

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Cardcaptor Sakura.
Butt worship and pee.

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Hey kid!
Pull my finger.
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It gets bigger when I pull on it
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>best girl is an irrelevant side character
how many other series do this

Hina a best. And thats all. You dont need to reply to this thread.
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>You will never have a useless & retarded daughter
Feels bad man

She can probably level a city if stressed enough.
>anime never
why live ?

Post what you've been watching/reading recently, and what you think, etc.
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Gundam 08th MS team
Shiro and Eledore are major league douchebags.
I want to fuck Kiki.
what happened to that screenshot

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>tfw Bleach is genuinely too complex for me
Should I just ship instead? Seems like the only logical thing for me to do if I don't understand the story. What do you guys think?
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how is it complex, Kubo went full retard
It's just Kubo going full retard, don't bother.
I think I understand your problem. But just because you see some inconsistencies and can't explain something, it doesn't mean it's too complex. Sometimes things just doesn't make sense. It's understandable if you create a manga weekly for 15 years, making most stuff up along the way, especially if you don't have a clear end goal in mind and start having little to no experience.

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This is your Normal Hero for tonight
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Fuck heroes, this is now a villain thread

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Today I will remind them

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Full route of Rin x Saber when, lads?
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Never, because that would actually be good. Enjoy 10 more years of retarded side characters with lightsabers.
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Better yet, Sakura x Saber.
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Aoko x Scat adventures when?

What will she do on the filler episodes?

Will she receive the same treatment as Neji and Rock Lee after the chuunin exams?
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She will be cute and hang with Boruto while Sarada is in uchiha family drama mode
Will Sarada get a Mazinger Susanoo?
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>summer season 2017
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>implying he even watched it
He has no right to criticize what he doesn't know and you're a retard for spreading his uninformed hatred on /a/.
I like this season a lot. Kill yourself, hipster.
Rip Anime

>Miku's wallpaper
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Episode 3
Can we all agree that Astolfo is the best girlfriend?
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Except for, you know, not being a girl.
Yep, Astolfo is my waifu
How badly outclassed by Chiron is Atalanta? Also, how the fuck are Chiron and fucking Karna "bad" servants?

Incorporating the mythos would have Karna literally steamroll fucking everyone by nuking the world and catching the Moon and Venus in the blast radius.

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Megumi chooses Tomoya.
Utaha admits no one else stood a chance.
Eriri gives up.
Michiru and Izumi fully support Megumi.

It's over.

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Now I'm worried because we still need to the final volume. What if a Megumi ending doesn't happen because it happened here?
Of course is not happenin. Eriri will win at the end.

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ITT: Post an anime character without actually posting it
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but umaru drinks cola.

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