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Who was in the wrong here?
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what kind of faggot beats up perfect boypussy like Griffith
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It's ok to beat up perfect boypussy when that perfect boypussy likes being beaten up.
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i wanna blank that blank.jpg
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Oh I'd beat up Griffith's boypussy alright

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Yui hugging a pillow
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Yui hugging a pillow while being scared
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post yfw season 3 announcement at end of OVA
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Stop deluding yourself.
More like explosion spinoff
S3 is never ever,
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These proportions are ridiculous. You can't have arms that slim with breasts that large. It just doesn't happen naturally.
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Blame Oda for inventing the hourglass body.
>Amerifats BTFO by real girls

You're pretty ridiculous yourself. You have no brain, but somehow posting online.

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>Can carry a conversation well.
>Has blown up hundreds of demons.
>Doesn't require payment.
Is there a more perfect girl in isekai?
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There isn't a more perfect girl in anime, so how could there be a more perfect girl in isekai?
Aqua is better.
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The dumpire strikes back.
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What is the worst anime you have seen?
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Kara No Kyoukai
You're trying to be funny here, faggot?
Shouldn't you be asleep at this hour?

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This is a thread dedicated to the perfect beings freeing us from oppression.
Please refrain from distributing S.O.N.G. propaganda in this thread.

Pictures of Tiki reading Utazukin are allowed.
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I'm going to marry Prelati!
Can somebody give me a quick rundown on the Pavarian Illuminati?
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caglio shake it.webm
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Cagliostro confuses my penis.

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Looks like our days are numbered. There's no way the ending isn't going to be shit.
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If Sayo doesn't win we'll riot
I thought it was weird we went from multiple chapters that were essentially Seinfeld levels of nothing as far as plot advancement and character development was concerned, to this gigantic amount of information all at once. It's almost guaranteed to be a shitty ending, what a shame since I really do like time travel shenanigans, the loli fan service was honestly just icing on the cake for me. Hopefully Uran has the guts to either go harem end or choose a girl, open ending would just be trash.
It's stupid how he worries about changing the future when in the original timeline, he never befriended the future Japanese congresswoman for example.

Also, it looks like he didn't attend the same college as everyone, so he's gonna separate with the future actress sooner or later.

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Yakusoku no Neverland.png
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spoiler's are out!

Credits Erinyes (MH)

- 3 days later, thxs to Sonju and Musica, children are malking their way through the forest and learn how to survive by their own.
- Sonju tells them that they have to go outside the cave and that there will be a river they had to cross.
- not sure about this part but something about Emma doing a reconnaissance with sonju or something like that.
- Basically Emma have asked sonju to teach her (them ?) how to kill beasts. during 3 days they learn how to use a bow, how to cook and to heal with medicinal herbs and how to hunt.
- Sonju gives Emma a certain sucking plant known as Vida, it's seemingly the plant that was piercing connie body.
- this plant serves for feeding gods, it pierces the prey then the flower opens when the god is receiving it (or something like that ) then the meat can be eaten, that's the traditional way to prepare the meat. and it seems it also serves to preverve the meat for a long time particulary if the meat is pierced while the prey is still alive.
-Emma realized how much Connie must have suffered as she has been pierced when she was still alive.
- Emma came back from reconnaissance and is scolded by ray
- theyll soon reach the end of the forest.
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We Lord of the Flies now.
When is Emma killing her first sapient demon? For now she is just hunting wild creatures.
Huh, threads are deader than Conny.

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Why did Maidragon flop?
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Did it?
definitely no. quite popular still, at least girl wise.
It didn't. Not even remotely.

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>Genre: romance

aaaand dropped.

ITT: things that make you immediately disqualify anime/manga
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>going by tags
This seems silly.
As a first pass filtering mechanism it is effective
There are not enough fresh anime releases that you wouldn't be able to just test each and every single one out. I found plenty of anime that I like bearing tags that I don't.

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You were suffering from insomnia, anon? Did something traumatic happen or is the cause still unknown?
Hunter x Hunter
Serial Experiments Lain
Kiniro Mosaic
Maid Dragon
any slice of life, anything with no plot, anything pretentious
Any Miyazaki movie.
That guy that did Your Name's movies apart from 5cmps

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Air ships!
Why are they so awesome?
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It's the dream that goes along with them.
Fractale > Last Exile
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Why not more sky adventures takes flight?

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Chibi Sumire.jpg
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This a Sumire thread. Not a Boruto thread.
Post Sumires and enjoy this thread.
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Sumire is perfect.

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